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Chuck Mistler testifies

A few years ago, we flew back to California late one Sunday night from a seminar in Washington State. Tired and hungry, we still had to face another one-hour drive home from the airport.

Trying to check out of the airport parking lot, we found at least 30 cars in the line ahead of us, moving very slowly. After sitting in the line for over 25 minutes, 10 or 15 cars from the very back of the line pulled out and went around the long line of waiting cars and tried to butt their way into the front of the line from the side aisles of the parking lot.

One big magenta truck jammed its way in front of us. We rolled down the window and politely said, "Please, you need to wait in line just like the rest of us." The man just laughed at us and jammed his big truck in front of us all the more. His kids were in the back of his truck and they, too, were laughing as he manoeuvred his way in front of us.

To our complete disbelief, the man then stopped the whole line of cars behind him and let the 10 cars that had followed him, get into the line in front of him, adding another 10- to -15 minute wait for the rest of us. We were appalled that someone would be that self-centred and that rude. However, as we got closer...

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