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From movie, "Horton Hears a Who!"

Clip from movie about 5 minutes.

The "Who" people with the help of Horton shouted, proclaimed, cried out and made themselves heard -- it was life and death by the way -- they did this to let the rest of the world around them know that they were there. They shouted and sang "We are here! We are here!" and eventually the world heard their voices and recognized their value no matter how small they were. The lesson is their singing and their shouting resulted in the saving of the "Who" world. It also took all of the who's shouting and proclaiming that they were there to help the world know they were there.

This clip should help remind us of the importance of making our voices heard to the rest of the world and our society. I really do believe the fate of our society, our country and our world relies on the determination of the Christian community's voice and message of Jesus. The Christian community has become way to quiet and withdrawn on the issues of the day and it should be reversed. We need to raise up our voices and be the whose who of the kingdom of Heaven because many whose lives depend on it.

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