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How about my son Joshua’s hero. Chicago Bear, # 34, Walter (Jerry) Payton. As a whole Walter Payton played with a loosing record.

The Bears were not very successful. Walter was told he was too little and came from a little place, Columbia, Miss. Many people told Walter what he could not do.

Walter decided he was not going to listen to the critics and the armchair fatbacks.

Payton played 13 seasons under many adverse conditions, yet he made history.

Payton set the career rushing yardage at 15,726 yards, total yardage record was 21,803, and scored 110 rushing touchdowns, he had 10 one thousand yard plus seasons.

In 1977, Payton set the single game record of 275 yards. This was not easy.

Payton played when the crowd would boo him.

He finally went to a Super Bowl before he retired. Many games were played in pain. But...

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