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Ravi Zacharias tells the story of a man who went to School in Wheaton with Billy Graham and later entered into politics. He was a popular man and rose to become the Prime Minister of Canada. In the process of going down that way, to fame, to popularity and power, he began to sacrifice his ethics and his morals. He had an affair. He divorced his wife and married a second wife. And in the process of these temptations, he realized that his faith did not match with what he was doing and so began to embrace alternative faith. He began to promote a faith of "all roads lead to Rome," and even encouraged others into it. He even promoted this in the United Nations that one way to have peace in the world is just to accept one another's faith and not speak against others' faith.

He was interviewed on television in the 1990s and the interviewer asked him, "Were you not a fundamental, evangelical Christian?" He said, "Yes, I was." The interviewer asked, "Have you not moved away from that?" He said, "Yes, I have become more mature as I have grown up, I have learnt. And I have rejected some of those fundamentalists belief that I was raised with." The interviewer asked him, "Are you not sacrificing something by doing this?" He said, "No. I have actually grown by doing this."

The interview asked an unexpected question, "What about Jesus?" And this man who was thought of as an important person who he had accomplished so much had tears well up in his eyes and began to pour on his cheeks. And he said, "I miss Jesus."

Even though he...

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