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Jim Collins has written a book called "How the Mighty Fall" about businesses who at one time were strong and effective and yet went from hero to zero during the last decade. Motorola was number one in cell phones in the world in 2004 and today they are on the edge of bankruptcy. Rubbermaid in 2000 was a vital company and now is no more. Circuit City was a leader in electronics and now is closed.

From these examples, Collins see five stages of demise when a company fails.

The first is growth and success.

Stage 2 is the undisciplined pursuit of more where "what becomes more important than why."

Stage three is the denial of risk and peril.

Stage four is grasping for salvation.

Stage 5 is capitulation to irrelevance and death.

Do you see the parallel of these five stages of demise and the company's failure to the pattern of our own spiritual and moral failures in life? The worst thing that can happen to us is to fail to be who God needs us to be.

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