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There is a story told of a pioneer family traveling across the western plains in a covered wagon. They watched in horror as a huge prairie fire rushed toward them driven by a strong wind. They were afraid they would be killed by the fire, but the man acted quickly. He jumped down and quickly lit the dry prairie grass around their wagon. As the fire he set burned downwind, he then pulled his wagon onto the burned-out area and his family stood there as the fire swept past them. Of course, the fire didn’t burn what had already been burned, so they survived. They found safety where the fire had already burned.

There is one place where the fire of God’s judgment against sin has already fallen--at the cross of Jesus Christ. Maybe that was the message Michelangelo was hiding in his painting of the last judgment. You can choose to wait and stand before God at the final, terrible judgment. Or you can choose to stand at the cross where God’s wrath against sin has already burned. I don’t know about you, but I’m standing at the cross of Jesus!

(From a sermon by David Dykes, God’s Dragnet, 8/17/2012)

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