Sermon Illustrations

A young man was drinking heavily and decided to go for a swim at a California beach. Fortunately, an older man was watching the young man as he entered the water and did not come back up for air. The older man ran to the struggling young man and saved his life.

A few years later, that same young man was standing in court facing a sentence on drug charges. Suddenly, the young man realized who the Judge was the very same man who saved his life when he was drowning years earlier. He looked at the Judge and said, "Sir, don’t you recognize me? You saved my life...don't you remember?" The Judge nodded his head and then looked at the young man and said, "Young man, then I was your savior...but now I am your Judge."

Christ is available to all who will trust Him now as their Savior. Or, if we reject Him in this life, we will stand before the Lord and know Him only as our Judge. Savior or Judge...which will it be?

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