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We were having our weekly AWANA meeting at our church when something really funny happened. The children were sharing their Bible verse for the week -- John 3:16. One of our little boys was struggling with remembering the words.

He was asked, "Can’t you remember John 3:16?" The boy struggled to get words to come out of his mouth. "For God so loved.....for God so loved." That is all he could remember.

"Who did he love?" he was asked by the AWANA leader.

He tried again. "For God so loved THE WORLD that He.....gave His only......His only......His only." He couldn’t go any further.

The leader tried to help again by asking, "What did give? Who did He give?"

The little boy thought deeply and said in his own little country accent: "For God so loved the world.....that He gave.....HIS ONLY COTTON PICKIN’ SON!"

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