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M.R. DeHaan- From a beginningless eternity Jesus was the infinite Son of God, one of the three persons of the trinity, equal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. And then when the time for the payment of redemption’s price came, Jesus left the glories of the Father’s house, laid aside the form of God, stepped down from... heaven, and went down, down, down, down, ... until He stopped at a comparatively infinitesimally small speck of matter we call this earth. He stopped at an insignificant village in Galilee, there to take up His [lodging] in the womb of an obscure Jewish [teenager], to be nourished by her blood, to grow like any other human in the dark recess of a mother’s womb, to be born like any other baby, to cry, to smile, to creep, to walk, to suffer hunger and thirst, in weariness and pain, and finally pay the price of humanity’s sin by dying like a criminal on a pagan cross. All this, to meet the... requirement of our redemption. The incarnation of the Son of God, the supernatural conception and the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is the bedrock of redemption. With it all is lost... To say that faith in the virgin birth of the Son of God is not essential to salvation is to reveal total ignorance of the (biblical) plan of redemption. Only a kinsman- a near relative was fit as a Redeemer.

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