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A friend pastor of mine once told me a story about trusting in the Lord to fix what is broken. A certain man and his pastor traveled to preach a sermon at another church. And when finished they went to a store to look around. The man bought a doll for his daughter and took it home and gave it to her. The next day the mother saw the doll broken beyond repair and asked the little girl why she broke her doll. She said it’s ok mommy daddy will fix it. The mother said I doubt he can fix it. Its beyond repair. The little girl maintained the idea and trust that daddy will fix it. When the man returned home for the evening the mother told him about everything and with tears he called his pastor and asked him what he’s doing tomorrow because he has to go back and get another doll. The man said "I have to get another doll, my little girl believes in me." When we trust Jesus with our problems he is the Same as that man. He will fix it..

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