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A Baptist Pastor had a dream and found himself fully dressed with a Bible in hand at the gate of heaven. As he was about to enter, he heard so many people crying and wailing in hell. He went to the gate and met the gate-keeper. He asked the gate-keeper “Who are those crying? Is there a Baptist there?” The Gate-keeper answered, “No” He said, I thought so! That is what I expect it to be. In order to satisfy his curiosity, he asked, Are there some Methodists there? He again answered No! He asked of all the other denominations he knows, and the answer still was, no! He left there confused.

He went to the gate of heaven and before going in, he introduced himself as a Baptist Minister. The Gate-man, said “No Baptists are there!” Again, he asked of all the denominations, and the answer is No!

The truth is that there is no denomination and there is no division in heaven or hell.

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