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Matt Mikalatos has identified several Imaginary Jesus’ we hold. There’s TV Jesus, who says: "If you follow me, you will have the life you always wanted. Money! Wealth! Big house! Fancy plane! Unending health!" There’s Hollywood Jesus who is mild and kind and never asks for anything difficult. There’s the Magic Eight Ball Jesus who’s good for quick guidance. There’s the Political Jesus, who wants to take over the American government with Christians and transform the entire nation into a "Christian Nation." The fact is we all have an image of who Jesus is and the roles we want him to play for our benefit. Jesus challenges us when he says, “You don’t seek me for who I really am, you seek me because I give you bread.” And, if we’re honest, our view of Jesus and the role we want him to play in our lives doesn’t quite match up with the Jesus of the Gospels.

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