Sermon Series
  • 1. Reoad Less Travelled

    Contributed on May 28, 2015

    the narrow way is a much harder and more difficult to travel. It is unpaved, covered with rocks and gravel and filled with potholes. It requires commitment, determination, discipline, control, and self-denial.

    The Road Less Traveled Matthew 7:13-14 I had just flown back home from attending a class for my Doctorate in Pasadena, CA. The week was filled with long days and short nights. I had an early morning flight and then flew most of the day. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. Yet I didn’t more

  • 2. Healthy Choices

    Contributed on May 28, 2015

    We are a product of the choices we make. ut what’s the most important choice we can make? All healthy choices on the road less traveled start with the decision to serve God.

    Healthy Choices Matt 7:13-16, 21-23 When I’m on a road trip, do you know what my top two questions are? Where am I going to eat and how can I eat healthy? Here’s the thing: I always start off with the best intentions to eat healthy. I usually work out first, I take water to drink, more

  • 3. Gps

    Contributed on May 28, 2015
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    Everybody here is on a path. The question we have to ask is what path are we on?

    GPS Matthew 7:13-16, 21-23 How many of you use a GPS device when you’re driving? When we were driving home from Atlanta a few years ago, it was lunchtime and so we pulled off the highway to pick up some Subway sandwiches. And the moment I turned, the GPS said, “recalculating.” more

  • 4. Potholes

    Contributed on May 28, 2015
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    We’ve all experienced potholes in the road of life that either slow us down, delay our journey or sometimes totally disrupt it. Potholes are anything in life that keep us from moving forward.

    Potholes Mark 8:27-35 Bumpy streets are so commonplace in New Orleans that residents have taken some extreme measures to draw attention to particularly bothersome potholes. There was the birthday party in New Orleans East for a 5-foot-wide pothole on Cannes Street. They had cake, balloons and a more

  • 5. Roadwork

    Contributed on May 28, 2015

    When you think of it, roadwork is a pretty good analogy of the journey of faith. God accepts us where we are but wants us to become like his Son. For most of us, that means there’s serious roadwork to do.

    Road Work Mark 8:34-38 My wife and I used to live Uptown on Octavia Street between Constance and Laurel just two blocks from Tchoupitoulas. At that time, the Port of Orleans was redoing Tchoupitoulas. When the street was dug up, they found that many of the feeder drainage pipes from the more

  • 6. Glory Road

    Contributed on May 28, 2015
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    Our words, actions and lives are to glorify God. In other words, we are to reflect Christ for others to see. The problem is trying to reflect the light of Christ.

    Glory Road John 12:20-26 Steve May tells the story of Dennis Byrd, who was an up-and-coming defensive tackle for the New York Jets. He was predicted to help turn the Jets organization around and recorded 27 sacks in his first 3 years. Then tragedy struck. On November 29, 1992, the Jets were more

  • 7. Crossroads

    Contributed on May 28, 2015

    The cross. It always brings us to a crossroad. A crossroad is where you have to decide to go one way or the other. As difficult as it might have been, a choice has to be made and whatever commitment you make today determines your life tomorrow

    Crossroads 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 Two water towers have always served as landmarks for travelers heading for their homes near Wauconda, IL but especially at the holidays.
More than 40 years ago, John Kuester, then village police chief, suggested mounting lit large twin crosses on the towers more