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  • Freedom Of Choice And God's Omniscience

    Contributed by Pastor Matthew Faure on Mar 19, 2023

    Reconciling our freedom of choice and God's omniscience

    Introduction As we continue our sermon series on THE Nature of God, I think I need to expound on God’s omniscience and include where our freedom of choice begins and ends, we come to a topic that has perplexed theologians for centuries: the reconciliation of our freedom of choice and the more

  • #2 Choices And Consequences Series

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Dec 12, 2014

    We must learn today's choices may have consequences many years down the road...

    #2 CHOICES AND CONSEQUENCES... By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. This is part two, I do it in two parts... Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the more

  • Decisions That Shape Your Life SermonCentral

    Contributed by SermonCentral on Sep 7, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    Choice is a gift from God, beginning with His decision to place the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. This gift was passed on to mankind, and the choices we make daily shape our future. God's gift of choice is a central theme in our lives, and understanding this can lead to a more fulfilling future.

    The topic of today's sermon is "Choice." Choice is something that originates from God. God made the choice to place the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the center of the garden, ensuring that Adam and Eve couldn't miss it. And God passed on this gift of choice to humanity. The choices we make more

  • Be Sure Your Choice Is Clear PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Oct 11, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    To emphasize the importance of consciously choosing to serve God, not just in words, but through our actions and decisions, reflecting our commitment to Him.

    Good morning, Church family! Today, we're diving into Joshua 24:15. This is one of those verses that you probably have on a plaque somewhere in your house, or maybe even tattooed on your arm. It's a popular one, and for good reason. It's all about choices - God's choice for us, our choice for God, more

  • Love Is A Choice Series

    Contributed by Glenn Pease on Mar 16, 2021

    Every choice in life can be evaluated by asking, is this a loving choice? If it is not, it is a bad choice. All sin is a bad choice, for it is a violation of love for God or others. Everything that is right is so, because it is loving.

    Missionaries often get into complicated cross-cultural issues. Such was the case of the missionary to Africa who had the chief of a tribe all ready for church membership. Only one barrier blocked the way. The chief had 50 wives, and the church would not admit him to membership until he dismissed more

  • How To Manage Life Choices

    Contributed by Bob Briggs on Jan 14, 2002
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    Life is a smorgesboard of do I know what is right for me?

    How To Manage Life Choices The college faculty were in their annual meeting when, suddenly, an angel appears. Turning to the Dean, the angel said, "I will grant you one of three choices -- infinite wisdom, infinite wealth or infinite health." The Dean thought for a minute, then replied more

  • Choose Your Side Series

    Contributed by Wesley Bishop on Mar 22, 2004
    based on 31 ratings

    This is about choosing to follow God.

    We have so many CHOICES. Cereals, soaps, cars. The Model-T was offered only in black. Minor choices: socks, Coke or Pepsi, car color. Major choices: marriage, career, where to live. Give a brief history of exodus and conquest. Read Joshua 24:14-18. The people were faced with a more

  • I'm Pro-Choice

    Contributed by Randy Trotter on Jun 14, 2009
    based on 8 ratings

    Joshua said "Choose you this whom you will serve.." Choice is a necessary we must CHOOSE God’s will & souls over self.

    “I’M PRO CHOICE!” LWC, June 14, 2009 AM INTRODUCTION: We’ve seen the “PRO-CHOICE” movement run from one end to the other in our society! We have seen politicians win & lose on the issue. We’ve seen presidential elections turn on a dime when it came to “PRO-CHOICE” Without a more

  • #2 Life Is About Focus And Choices!

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Dec 26, 2015
    based on 4 ratings

    We become a product of our daily choices. Choices have consequences.

    LIFE IS ABOUT FOCUS & CHOICES... #2 SEE THE GIANTS OR SEE THE GOD OVER THE GIANTS... ??? By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. TEXT: Deuteronomy 30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore more

  • Choices

    Contributed by Rick Gillespie- Mobley on Mar 4, 2009
    based on 19 ratings

    This is a sermon dealing with how we go about making choices. I preached it in response to our church’s decision over changing denominations.

    Choices Genesis 13:5-18 Luke 9:18-27 In order for us to have arrived here today, we all had to make choices. A choice to get up. A choice to get dressed. A choice to leave the house. A choice to take a certain route. A choice to enter the building. A choice to take a seat and a choice more

  • Eternal Applications Of Our Choices PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Nov 23, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon explores the eternal significance of our everyday choices, urging us to live in the light of eternity and make decisions that honor God.

    Welcome, beloved family in Christ. We are gathered here today, not by accident, but by divine appointment. Our Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom and boundless love, has drawn us together to share in the richness of His Word, to grow in the knowledge of His truth, and to be transformed by the more

  • Choice(S)

    Contributed by Michael Monica on May 17, 2020
    based on 1 rating

    A perspective on choices we make

    INTRODUCTION 1. The Old Testament provides valuable lessons for the Christian - 1Co 10:11 2. One such lesson is the importance of "Making Wise Choices" in our lives... a. Lot made a choice as to where to live, and as a result he experienced: 1) War and kidnapping - more

  • The Choice Is Yours PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Sep 25, 2023
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    Highlight the power of choice, the consequences of our decisions, and the blessings that come from choosing to serve God, as exemplified in the story of Esther.

    Good morning, family. Today, we're going to dive into a passage in the book of Esther, a passage that speaks to us about the power of choice, the consequences of those choices, and the blessings that come when we choose to serve God. Chuck Swindoll once said, "We are faced with a series of great more

  • The Power Of A Choice

    Contributed by Scott Epperson on Mar 13, 2008
    based on 5 ratings

    It made you who you are, it is your problem and it is the answer, it will take were you truley wish to be. It is your God given choice.

    POWER OF A CHOICE Deu 30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: Deu 30:20 That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his more

  • Life's Choices

    Contributed by Curtis E. Nester on May 25, 2016

    The outcome of our life is determined by the choices we make. The choices that three widows and one man made & how those choices affected their lives.

    TITLE: Life's Choices TEXT: Ruth 1:16-17 INTRO: A sign on the door of a classroom reads: "We are not born losers, we are born choosers." The outcome of our lives is determined, not just by what happens to us, but by the choices we make. Everyday we are making choices and building, one brick at a more