Sermon Illustrations

Lester Roloff told about visiting a friend in Massillon, Ohio who had a number of pigeons. During the visit his friend showed him one of the birds and said, “See this bird. She just flew 500 miles from St. Louis to Massillon non stop.” Roloff interrupted his host: Come on, non stop! How do you know? You weren’t there.” His host replied: “There’s a simple way to know. She came in clean.” “What do you mean, she came in clean?” responded Roloff. His host replied: “When she came in she had no maize chaff on her to make me think she had stopped. This tells me that she came in clean, that she flew all day long, non stop. There was only one thing she thought of: ‘I must get home; there’ll be somebody standing in the backyard waiting for me.” God wants us to “come home clean,” free from the muck and mire of this depraved world. He is waiting to welcome us and exchange our earthy clothes with our white robe.

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