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Jack Hyles- Back in World War II, I was a paratrooper. I used to jump out of airplanes. We jumped out of airplanes called C-47’s. After the war was over, I got on a plane, and they said, "Welcome aboard Delta Airlines DC-3 plane." I felt at home on that plane. We got up in the air, and I asked the flight attendant, "Can I ask you a question? What kind of plane is this?” She said, "A DC-3." "Has this plane always been a passenger plane?" "No, they used to be called C-47’s." I said, "Go open the door." She said, "Why?" "I might jump!" "What do you mean?" "I used to jump out of C-47’s." "Mister, after the war was over they converted all of these planes!" What did she mean? She meant that that plane was once used for something else, but it was reconditioned; its purpose had been changed. The plane has a new purpose. That which was used for war is now used for peace. It was converted. Through Christ we have been converted from serving idols to serving the living and true God. Once we were used for sin and the world but now we are used for God’s purposes.

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