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Words of Offering:

A rich, but cynical businessman said to one of his staff, "Show me a truly unselfish act and I will give you a $100 bill." The staffer, said, "OK, walk with me at the lunch hour." They went to that part of town where there were lots of street people.

The staffer said, "Pick out anyone of these folks at random, and I will show you an unselfish act." The businessman pointed to one old man and said, "That one."

The staffer walked over to the old man, and gave him a $10 bill. He turned to the businessman and said, "There! I just did an unselfish act. Where is my $100 bill?"

The businessman started to speak, but stopped in his tracks, when the old man shouted to some of his friends: "Hey, guys! I have a tenner! Let’s go buy something to eat!"

The businessman looked at his staffer, and said, "Your act was selfish. You gave $10 to get $100. But that old man ... now, that was unselfish. So, I guess you get the $100 anyway, because you did show me an unselfish act."

Crestfallen at his own selfishness, the staffer called to the old man, and gave him the $100 bill, also. "Have a real party," he said.

The moral of the story is that unselfishness generates even more acts of kindness.

May your unselfishness this day be rewarded with countless acts of kindness in all your tomorrows!

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