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Did you hear about the old golfer who was standing in front of the first tee, a hazardous hole with a green surrounded by water, and wondering if he should use his new golf ball? Deciding that the hole was too dangerous, he chose an old ball that he could afford to lose and placed it on the tee. Just then he heard a Voice from above say loudly: "Use the new ball!"

Frightened, he replaced the old ball with the new one and approached the tee. Now the Voice from above shouted: "You better take a practice swing!"

With this, the golfer totally obeyed the Voice. He stepped backward and took a swing. Feeling more confident, he approached the tee when the Voice again rang out: "Use the old ball!"

Are you listening to the voice of God? Is He speaking to you about something? Jesus said in John 10:28-30, "My sheep hear My VOICE."

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