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  • God Answers Prayers

    Contributed on May 13, 2023

    God has an avalanche; so many different kinds of answers to prayers in His hand. Even though there are uncountable number of people knocking at His door for answers, God never runs out of answers or gets tired of giving answers.

    An Avalanche of Answers One of the benefits of coming to God is that you can’t come to God and go back empty handed. When we come to God, we receive answers to our prayers. Psalm 65:2 says, “O You who hear prayer, to You all flesh will come.” Some other versions say “You who answer, to You all more

  • Excel In Your Gift, Grace And Ministry

    Contributed on Aug 22, 2022

    God wants us to recognize the grace He has bestowed on us, appreciate the gift He has blessed us with, and set out to diligently and faithfully carry out the work He has entrusted into our hands.

    In Matthew 25: 14-30, Jesus told a parable of a man who gave talents to three of his servants. The first received 5 talents, the second servant 2 talents and the third was given 1 talent. The talents were not shared arbitrarily; haphazardly, blindly, aimlessly, by chance, by coincidence or more

  • Jesus In The Boat Of Your Life

    Contributed on Aug 16, 2022
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    This sermon highlights the benefits of having Jesus, the Captain of our Salvation sail with us as we go through different situations and seasons of life.

    Jesus is always looking for a ‘boat’ – a heart, a life, a ministry, a business, a family, a church, a nation to enter into. When Jesus got into Peter’s boat, Peter didn’t shut or shove Jesus out of his boat, he allowed Him in. Allowing Jesus into his boat, gave Peter a life-changing encounter with more

  • God, The Great Protector

    Contributed on Jun 28, 2022

    With all that is happening in our personal lives, families, churches, nation and the world at large, everyone needs God as a Shade of Protection to survive these risky, challenging and life-threatening times.

    Introduction To protect is to cover or shield from danger or injury. It is to defend a person, place, people or organization or country from attack, hurt, oppression and exploitation. It is to guard someone, something or a place. It is to keep safe. These are all things God specializes in doing. more

  • The Mercy Of God

    Contributed on May 10, 2022

    Every morning, God's mercy says wake up, get up! Don’t lie down in bed depressed and refuse to get up, don't give up because nothing seems to be working or going on well in your life. Face the day, face any situation with the mercy of God.

    Introduction Mercy is God’s Nature, God’s Character If someone were to ask you to describe your father, you would probably say things like he is tall or average height, dark or fair in complexion, likes jazz music, enjoys watching documentaries, has a good sense of humor or he is very strict, he more

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