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A Boost for not Boasting!!!

Probably you have heard this story before but here it goes again...a tale involving a frog prone to self-boasting and his two crane friends who planned to “live happily together ever after” inhabiting as they were a pond overflowing with rich flora and fauna but that was sadly not to be (sic). In due course, on account of a severe drought the pond was on the verge of drying up leaving the three friends with no option other than of migrating to a different place. But there popped up a problem. While, it would be easy for the feathery duo to happily flyaway to “greener pastures”, so to speak, it would be improbable for their hopper friend to cover miles to reach the same “safer zone”. Now as the inseparable friends pooled their minds together on reaching yet another pool of water safely together, hey presto...the one of the webbed feet weaved together a brainy plan. While the cranes would carry a stick in their beaks whilst flying Mr. Brilliant would latch onto the stick with his “big” mouth.

So on the appointed day, the trio took off and all was going well till they flew past a nearby drought-hit village. The people on seeing this strange sight wondered aloud as to who was the “Mastermind” behind this Masterly “Great Escape” plan and no prizes for guessing...mindlessly the “high-flying” boastful hero opened his mouth to become... to put it mildly...a big zero thereafter.

Even as we smile at this story, doesn’t honesty compel us to admit that we too are prone to blowing our own trumpets at times? In this message Yours Truly endeavours to give a boost as it were for not boasting unnecessarily by bringing out the Biblical mandate on what we need to need to boast about (through some Biblical illustrations) and what we need to be silently thankful to the Lord for, as He alone is the source behind every spiritual blessing (Eph 1:3).

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