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James Harnish tells the story of a woman in Tampa who probably received the best Christmas present of anyone. It came the week before Christmas. In August she had been diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy, a rare heart disorder which causes the muscels of the heart to become inflexible. In fact, it’s terminal. The only hope is a heart transplant. Over the past five months, she had become progressively weaker. More and more of her active life has been taken from heras she waited for the possibility of a new heart. Then one day, at 2 am on a cold morning, she was awakened and told that a new heart was on the way. By 4 am, she was in surgery and by 10 am the next morning, she was out of surgery and in the ICU. When James Harnish visited her a couple of days after, they talked about the gift of a new heart and she said, “You know, this was the second time that someone has died for me.”

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