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Where Am I Going?

It’s comforting to hear that even Albert Einstein had a brain cramp

now and then.

One time, for instance, he was taking a train to an out of town

engagement. The conductor stopped by to punch his ticket, but

the great scientist preoccupied with his work, explained that he

couldn’t find his ticket. Not in the coat pockets, not in the


The conductor said, "We all know who you are, Dr. Einstein. I’m

sure you bought ticket. Don’t worry about it."

As the conductor moved along, he looked back to see Einstein on

his hands and knees searching under the seats for his ticket. The

conductor walked back, "Dr. Einstein, please, don’t worry about it.

I know who you are."

Exasperated, Einstein looked up and said, "I, too, know who I am.

What I don’t know is where I’m...

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