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I had on brand new clothes, khaki shirt & pants, sent to me in Tibet by some church in the United States. I was 6 years old, and they were size 10. But they were new, and they were mine, and this was a very important event, so I wanted to wear them, and like little children sometimes do, I got my way.

The reason this was an important event was because meeting in our home in Atuntze that night were many of the important officials of that region of China & Tibet: The mayor of our town, the Commandant of the army forces there, the Regional Commander, representatives of the Governor of the Province of Yunnan, some Chinese scientists, and even a representative of the Tibetan Warlord of the District.

The reason they were was to make a formal inquiry of my father, “Why are you here?” For some of them this was the first time in their lives they had ever seen a white-skinned person. They wanted to know, “What are you doing in our area?”

I begged to be allowed to stay up for this, and my father finally let me. But he made sure that I sat in the very back row of the room in case I fell asleep.

Of course, this kind of inquiry was exactly what my father wanted because the answer to the question was, “Because of Jesus – that’s why we’re here.” And all father was doing was simply telling them the old, old story that you and I have heard all our lives. “We’re here because of God who told us to come – to tell you that He loves you, He cares about you - to tell you about Jesus.”

So he told them about Jesus – about Jesus being born in Israel, how He lived, how He was treated, how He died, and how He rose again.

Seated next to me in that back row was an old, old Tibetan man, probably the oldest man in that room. And as father was talking, after a while, the man began muttering something. I suppose that at first I was the only one who could hear what he was saying. He was just sort of muttering it under his breath.

What he was saying was, “No, No. It’s not true. It’s just not true.” But then he got a little bit louder as father continued speaking. “No, it’s just not true. No, it’s...

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