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A millionaire Christian is sleeping in his bedroom when an angel comes to him and wakes him up.

"It’s time for you to go to heaven", says the angel.

"Oh, i’m not ready, what should I bring ?", says the millionaire.

"Nothing, just yourself", replies the angel.

But the millionaire pulls a large suitcase from under his bed and opens it up. It is full of gold bars. "Can I just bring this along ?", he pleads with the angel.

The angels thinks for a while, gets on his handphone to God and speaks some divine language. Then he turn to the man and says , "OK, but only the suitcase".

So the millionaire is taken up to the pearly gates where St.Peter is waiting to welcome him. Looking at the suitcase St.Peter says, "I’m sorry but we don’t allow any earthly possessions here, you’ll have to leave the suitcase behind."

The angel whispers the situation into St.Peter’s ears and St.Peter seems to understand. "But what could be so important that God would allow you to take it through ?", muses St.Peter, "Let me take a look".

St.Peter opens the suitcase to...

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