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Keep It Between The Lines.

He was a sitting beside me in the passenger seat.

As I looked through the window at the quiet little street.

He was a smiling so proud as he gave me the key.

But inside I knew he was as nervous as me.

I said “Daddy, oh Daddy are you sure I know how?

Are you sure that I am ready to drive this car now?”

He said, “I’m right here beside you and you’re gonna do fine

All you have to do is keep it between the lines.

Cause it’s a long narrow road,

Only the Good Lord Knows, where it leads in the end.

But you’ve got to begin,

So keep you hands on the wheel,

Believe in the things that are real,

Just take your time and keep it between the lines.”

I was sitting in my chair and a sneaking a look

At him lying in the floor with his coloring book.

And he caught me watching and climbed on my knee.

Said, “Daddy, oh Daddy would you do one with me?”

Then I hugged him so tightly as we turned the page.

Said, “I haven’t done this since I was your age”.

He said, “I’m right here beside and you gonna do fine.

Daddy all you’ve gotta do is keep it between the lines.”

So we finished the picture and I put him to bed.

Got down on my knees and I bowed my head.

And I said, Father, O...

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