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I want to tell you of a modern day Damascus road experience that some of you may find hard to believe. It is reported in an article by Fred Markert in the current issue of Pray Magazine. Fred is the International Director of YWAM’s Strategic Frontiers, a group that focuses on witnessing for Christ among mostly Muslim nations where it is not always easy for Christians to go.

Fred is living in Afghanistan, & he relates this story about a Muslim woman, a university professor, attending an English class taught by YWAM volunteers. Listen as she later tells her story to one of them:

“I started to go to sleep & suddenly my bedroom filled with light. At the foot of my bed stood Jesus, & I knew He had come to kill me!”

You see, the day before, she had stormed out of the English class after the teacher had begun to answer questions & to speak about Jesus to his students. As she stormed out she cursed the teacher.

“I cursed you all the way home,” she told him. “I went home & I lay in bed & I was praying, ‘Allah, I want you to kill those people because they are not English teachers – they are missionaries & I want them out of my country! Kill them!’”

It was then that she saw the vision of Jesus standing at the foot of her bed. “I knew He had come to kill...

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