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As a father one of my goals is to help my children grow to be independent of my help. So when we are in the store or the library from time to time I will encourage them to ask their own questions, check out their own books, even pay for the groceries themselves. Yes, that’s with my money. Not too long ago I had urged one of children toward one of these assignments when the words came back, “Dad, you come with me.” I looked down and saw these two slightly scared, mostly hopeful eyes looking back at me. I said, “You want me to come along?” A resounding “yes” came back. So the two of us walked on together.

There is something comforting about having your father nearby. That’s true for children of any age. We are more confident and courageous when we see our father nearby. We are bolder. More courageous. Less afraid. God was with Jacob. Through faith in our crucified and risen Savior, God is with us. So be confident. Be courageous. And do what comes naturally.

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