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  • What Is Revival?  PRO

    Contributed by Rick Croffut on Feb 5, 2002
    based on 77 ratings

    What is Revival? 1. Revival is not a week worth of meetings. 2. Revival is not started in one day. 3. Revival is not controlled by man. 4. Revival is a heart thing. 5. Revival is always more

  • Revivals In The Bible

    Contributed by Dr. Larry Petton on Feb 19, 2023
    based on 1 rating

    A revival is a return to spiritual health after a long period of sin, darkness and apathy. It is a restoration of the soul of an individual, family, church or nation back to right relationship with the Lord. Some of these recorded revivals listed by the author are more evangelism than revival, more

  • There Is Your Revival

    Contributed by Donny Granberry on Jun 21, 2007

    *ILLUSTRATION* When my father walked into church that Easter Sunday morning and sat down, God told the pastor of that church, there is your revival. The pastor and another gentleman from the church went over to our home the next week to visit my Dad and to invite him back. 5 weeks after that more

  • Revival — If?  PRO

    Contributed by Tony Abram on Aug 3, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    Revival -- If? If all the sleeping folk will wake up, If all the lukewarm folk will fire up, If all the dishonest folk will confess up, If all the disgruntled folk will cheer up, If all the depressed folk will cheer up, If all the estranged folk will make up, If all the more

  • Revival Requires ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jul 22, 2008

    REVIVAL REQUIRES PRAYER! Thom Rainer tells us in his book Giant Awakenings that "71% of breakout churches report an increased emphasis on prayer over the past several years as compared to only 40% of churches which continued on the plateau." Rainer also tells us that "Earle Cairns notes with more

  • Genuine Revival

    Contributed by Herman Abrahams on Oct 11, 2009

    GENUINE REVIVAL Quote - NEW SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE BIBLE (Nelson’s) (Is 64:1-3) 'Awesome things that we did not expect' (Is 64:3) is a perfect description of genuine revival, because the unpredictable more

  • Prayer And Revival  PRO

    Contributed by Mark Stepherson on Nov 9, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    PRAYER AND REVIVAL In Belfast, Ireland, in the 1930's, a church that ran about 200 experienced revival. Between 12 and 20 people were saved every night. 6:00 every morning found 50 people in the church praying for an hour. It was not singing, Bible study, and prayer, as much as the teacher in me more

  • Radical Revival

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Apr 27, 2009

    RADICAL REVIVAL Dr. J. Edwin Orr states, "I am convinced that more work for God could be done in six months of revival than in sixty years of any other kind of effort." If we as a church begin doing the work we are appointed with a touch of the radical, we will see more done in six months of more

  • Welsh Revival Of ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Nov 1, 2009

    Welsh Revival of 1904-1905 Modern world history also records times of revival due to the hearing of God’s Word undergirded with prayer. The little nation Wales once become known as “The Land of Revival.” It has its own unique spiritual heroes such as Saint David of the Celtic Church – William more

  • In The Revival In The Book Of Acts One Of The ...

    Contributed by Herman Abrahams on Jul 15, 2005
    based on 1 rating

    In the revival in the book of Acts one of the first manifestations is giving and generosity. Why wait for revival to come - lets sow our lives into a revival and open the windows of more

  • 9 Characteristics Of Revivals In The Bible

    Contributed by Dr. Larry Petton on Jan 30, 2022

    In his book Revival Fire, Geoff Waugh lists nine similarities among Biblical revivals: They occurred in times of moral darkness & national depression. Each began in the heart of a consecrated servant of God who became the energizing power behind it. Each revival rested on the Word more

  • Why No Revival In America?

    Contributed by Dr. Larry Petton on Jan 27, 2014

    WHY NO REVIVAL IN AMERICA? A wise old evangelist was once asked, “Why don’t we see revival happening in the Church in the United States today?” The old preacher scratched his chin and thought for a moment. Then he said, “The reason why more

  • Revivals Are Born After ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Apr 8, 2009

    REVIVALS ARE BORN AFTER MIDNIGHT A. W. Tozer: "There is considerable truth in the idea that revivals are born after midnight, for revivals (or any other spiritual gifts and graces) come only to those who want them badly enough. It may be said without qualification that every man is as holy and as more

  • The Cane Ridge Revival

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Mar 22, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    THE CANE RIDGE REVIVAL One of those great revivals of the American past took place in the late spring and early summer of 1801 at Cane Ridge in central Kentucky. A pastor named Barton Stone, who had been called to serve this little Methodist church by Daniel Boone, decided to call a four-day more

  • Rough Road Revival

    Contributed by Dr. Ronald Shultz on Dec 16, 2020

    Psalms 138:7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. Things going badly or the road is rough? Need revived? David had that relationship with God that in the midst of more

  • A Revival Of Religion Presupposes A ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Feb 7, 2006

    "A revival of religion presupposes a declension." more

  • The Call To Revival Is Given Not To The ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Apr 11, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    The call to revival is given not to the unbelieving but more

  • Great Quotes On Revival

    Contributed by Dr. Larry Petton on Jan 31, 2022

    GREAT QUOTES ON REVIVAL Here are some quotes that have touched my heart as we ask God to send revival to our church! Dr. Larry Petton If revival is being withheld from us it is because some idol remains still enthroned; because we still insist in placing our reliance in human schemes; because more

  • Suffice It To Say That No Revival Is Of Sudden ...

    Contributed by Donnie Martin on Jul 29, 2009

    Suffice it to say that no revival is of sudden origin. When the revival manifests itself in a mighty way it comes suddenly as in the days of Hezekiah, but even so, its origins begin with the Holy Spirit of God moving effectively in individual lives in private. Let no one pray for revival—let no one more

  • Revival Is The Workings Of God.

    Contributed by David Tack on Sep 18, 2010

    Revival is the workings of God. Faithfulness to the ordinary with expectations to the extraordinary should be considered when dealing with the astounding workings of our miraculous God. By ordinary I mean: Bible preaching, prayer, and evangelism are fundamental necessities. Faithfulness in these more