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Sermon Series
  • 1. Christ Our Healer

    Contributed on Sep 5, 2002
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    Christ is still in the business of healing. We will take a look at how Christ heals

    Christ Our Healer Introduction A. Christ Our Healer -- What does that mean 1. Does is mean that He will heal our spiritual bodies? 2. Does it mean that He will heal us only physically 3. Does it mean that salvation provided healing B. We will be looking at this subject today and try to more

  • 2. Christ Our Sanctifier

    Contributed on Sep 5, 2002
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    Christ desires to make us holy and more like him. The process is called sanctification.

    Christ our Sanctifier Introduction A. Sanctification has caused a lot of problems within our denomination and with other denominations throughout the history of the CMA B. It is a very difficult subject to deal with because no one can really explain what happens during the process of more

  • 3. Christ Our Savior

    Contributed on Sep 5, 2002
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    Christ is our Savior. You have heard that before but what does that mean

    Christ Our Savior Introduction A. Could there a more significant topic in all of Christianity B. Salvation is what the whole Christian faith is based on C. Without Salvation there would not be the difference that we experience as Christians compared to other religions. D. Unfortunately there more

  • 4. Christ Our Comming King

    Contributed on Sep 5, 2002
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    Christ is comming. How is he comming. WEll no one no for sure but lets give it a honest effort.

    Christ Our Coming King Introduction A. This is a subject that has causes many different reactions among Christians 1. Some will look forward to discussing the idea. 2. Some will dread it 3. Very few will remain natural B. Before we get into the different aspects of the Coming King, I need to more