Sermon Series
  • 1. Resolve Not To Compromise

    Contributed on Mar 11, 2006
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    In Daniel 1:1-8 we learn about several strategies that are designed to bring about compromise. We also learn about the response designed to bring about conviction.

    Scripture Today I would like to begin a new sermon series on the first six chapters of Daniel. “Why Daniel?” you might ask. That’s a fair question. There are two main reasons prompting me to preach from Daniel. First, I would like preach from a book in the Old Testament. Some of you have more

  • 2. The Making Of A Hero

    Contributed on Mar 16, 2006
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    Daniel 1:8-21 gives us three distinguishing marks of a true hero in any age.

    Scripture The movie "Cinderella Man" tells the true story of boxing legend James J. Braddock, who made an incredible comeback during the Great Depression. Injured and arthritic, Braddock’s promising career was cut short, and he had to go on public assistance when he couldn’t get work at the more

  • 3. When The Bottom Falls Out!

    Contributed on Mar 30, 2006
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    In this sermon from Daniel 2:1-18 we see how Daniel responded when the bottom dropped out of his life, when he faced a crisis.

    Scripture All of us watched with horror and sadness the incredible destruction this past August of the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina. Much of the region was flooded by storm surge and broken levees. Homes and businesses washed away and collapsed into a heap of ruins. About a thousand people more

  • 4. The Power Of Praise

    Contributed on Apr 7, 2006
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    In this message we notice Daniel’s second response to a crisis. (His first response was in Daniel 2:1-18.) Daniel responded to the crisis in a way that sets him apart as a man worthy of imitation.

    Scripture If you live a typical life span, you will spend about twenty years of it asleep. And during those twenty years, it is estimated that you will have about 300,000 dreams. As you know, we don’t remember most of our 300,000 dreams. Only if you wake up in the middle of your dream are more

  • 5. The March Of Time

    Contributed on Apr 23, 2006
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    In this text we learn about the meaning of history. There have been a number of human kingdoms, but God is going to establish his kingdom, which will last for all eternity.

    Scripture As we continue in our series of sermons in the book of Daniel, we come today to Daniel’s interpretation of king Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. It is going to require our careful attention as we work our way through the interpretation of this dream. But its message is very significant for us more

  • 6. What Is Faith?

    Contributed on May 4, 2006
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    This sermon examines the biblical description of faith. What is faith? One way to get a better picture of biblical faith is to gain a clear understanding of what biblical faith is not.

    Scripture Author Tim Hansel tells the story about the day he and his son Zac were out in the country, climbing around in some cliffs. He heard a voice from above him yell, “Hey Dad! Catch me!” He turned around to see Zac joyfully jumping off a rock straight at him. Zac had first jumped and more

  • 7. A Lesson In Humility

    Contributed on May 11, 2006
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    This passage is a graphic illustration of the biblical truth that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

    Scripture We learn different lessons throughout our lives. Some lessons are easy to learn. Other lessons are difficult to learn. One of the most difficult lessons to learn is a lesson in humility. A long time ago king Nebuchadnezzar learned a lesson in humility. Be aware that the first three more

  • 8. Rare And Remarkable Virtues

    Contributed on Jun 9, 2006
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    In this sermon Daniel displayed some rare and remarkable virtues. These are personal integrity, steadfast faithfulness, and authentic spirituality.

    Scripture Today I would like to continue in my sermon series in the book of Daniel. Please listen as I read Daniel 6:1-16a: 1 It pleased Darius to appoint 120 satraps to rule throughout the kingdom, 2 with three administrators over them, one of whom was Daniel. The satraps were made more

  • 9. The Lions In Daniel's Den

    Contributed on Jun 17, 2006
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    Daniel was now facing his toughest test yet. In our study of this test I want you to see two very important truths that are meant by God to help you through the tests that you will inevitably face in life.

    Scripture Today I would like to conclude my sermon series in the book of Daniel. Actually, I am concluding my sermon series at the end of chapter 6. The reason I am not carrying on with chapter 7 is because Daniel 7-12 deals with various visions that Daniel had. There is no unified consensus as more