Sermon Series
  • 1. Happy New Year

    Contributed on Aug 28, 2012
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    People in the world think you are going to be happy if you pursue what you like - your dreams and desires, but Jesus tells us in the Beatitudes what makes us truly happy - O how blessed are...the poor in spirt, those who mourn, the meek... - you see the c

    My message this morning is titled “Happy New Year.” Part of the reason for that is because we are going to take a look at the Beatitudes. In the Beatitudes, Jesus said, “O how blessed are the …” and the word there “blessed” is makarios, which means, more

  • 2. Three Things

    Contributed on Aug 30, 2012
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    How do we introduce people? In this passage, we see John, the baptist and Jesus introduced in such graceful ways. May our words of introduction too be words of blessing, words of power, peace and grace!

    Three Things: Matthew 3:1-17 ILLUSTRATION There was a young student who had just graduated with his M.Th, fresh with his knowledge of New Testament and Greek. He was asked to introduce a colleague who had come to visit from Germany. This colleague was a pastor there. He knew what the more

  • 3. The Genealogy Of God

    Contributed on Sep 4, 2012
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    The genealogy of Jesus Christ had interesting sets of names included. They may not be some that we would have personally preferred in our genealogy, yet God had them there through whom His Son would come. Through it we see the character of God -the faithf

    My wife was telling me during the sermons, she was distracted because one of the hairs was just sticking straight up. And I said, “Which one?” She said, “I think it was Joe!” I have started to name them because they are so precious. So I put Joe back in place, and it looked more

  • 4. Five Do Not’s

    Contributed on Sep 6, 2012
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    There are "Thou Shalts..." and "Thou Shalt not.." in the Ten Commandments. Same way, there are "Thou Shalts...blessed are those..." and "Thou Shalt not...Do not" in the Sermon on the Mount.

    There are parallels between the Sermon on the Mount and the Ten Commandments. Jesus said, “You have heard it said, you shall not murder, but I say unto you…” And He adds to that commandment that it is not just about murder, but about what is happening in the heart. In the similar way, you have more

  • 5. Wise Worship

    Contributed on Sep 11, 2012
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    The Magi gave unique & unusual gifts to Jesus. They were demonstrating a prophetic understanding of Who Jesus was and the reason He came - Gold - Jesus was the King, Frankincense - Jesus was God, and Myrrh - Jesus was the Lamb of God, Who would die for t

    The wise men came with a specific purpose to worship Jesus. We will look at three lessons we can learn from this passage, especially on worship. 1. Worship is faith-full 2. Worship is sacrificial 3. Worship is obedient 1. Worship is faith-full Notice the nature of the journey they more

  • 6. Bearing Fruit For The Kingdom Of God

    Contributed on Sep 23, 2012
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    God expects us to bear fruit in His Kingdom. It primarily comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Then there is the fruit of the Spirit as we abide in the Vine. Finally, we have the fruit of our lips in praise and adoration to our Lord & Savior Je

    In the US they do a lot of research and one such research was on Perspective. Research was done on mice. They put them in buckets of water and let them swim around to see how long it would take for them to drown. They found on average mice would swim for about 30 minutes and then give up. Then more

  • 7. Make Disciples

    Contributed on Oct 5, 2012
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    The First Adam was given a commandment to create life. The Second Adam has given us the commandment to create eternal life in the hearts of all those around us. So as we go, as we teach, as we baptize, we are making disciples.

    All authority is given to Jesus. This gives Him the right to command whatever He likes. • He could have pronounced final judgment on the earth right then. • He could have called down those 12 legions of angels to enact vengeance on a fallen and rebellious humanity. more

  • 8. Sacrificial Worship

    Contributed on Oct 10, 2012
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    Mary loved Jesus and was willing to pour herself out for Him. She was willing to pour the most valuable possession she had and poured it out on Jesus. Worship is pouring yourself out. It is laying down your life in honor of One who is greater than you.

    Illustration from a sermon by Jeff Strite Timothy Dexter was born in Massachusetts in 1747. At the age of 20 he took his life savings -- a grand total of $9 -- and moved to Newburyport, MA where he met and married a wealthy 31 year old widow. Fancying himself to be a shrewd businessman, he more

  • 9. Keeping People From God

    Contributed on Oct 15, 2012
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    Could it be that it is us who keep people from coming to Jesus? Just like the crowd obstructed the blind beggars from coming to Jesus, or the disciples from letting the children come to Jesus, we as Christians tend to pose obstacles to come to Jesus!

    The blind men want to see Jesus. We know from Mark that one of those blind men were named Bartimaeus, and he had been blind all his life. First thing you see when you open your eyes is Jesus. I think that would be a wonderful thing! But we see that the crowd rebukes them. This is like the people more

  • 10. If You Want To Be Great

    Contributed on Oct 16, 2012

    Leadership in the Kingdom of God is about service and humility. It is about working at a level where you are equal or even below everybody else.

    Illustration: A Sunday School Teacher was trying to train her kids. She had told them how to behave, and especially since she was teaching at the Sunday school, she wanted to make sure her kids were behaving properly. To make sure that they understood, she asked, "Now why is it that we do not more