Sermon Series
  • 1. Can We Trust The Bible

    Contributed on Nov 15, 2002
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    Covers four areas that confirm the reliability of the Bible

    CAN WE TRUST THE BIBLE? by Randy A. Croft Tonight’s question is a popular one among Christians and non-Christians alike? The Bible. Is it reliable? Is it all myth? Just good literature? Or God’s word? Can we trust it? I want to present four reasons why I believe in the more

  • 2. Did Jesus Really Exist?

    Contributed on Nov 15, 2002
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    Evidence for the Existence of Jesus.

    Did Jesus really exist? by Randy A. Croft BigFoot In the summer of 1924, Kelso, Washington. According to the Sunday Oregonian on July 13, five miners encountered the ``mountain devils’’ in the wilds of Mount St. Helens. One of the men, Fred Beck, shot one of the creatures and more

  • 3. Believing In A God I Cannot See

    Contributed on Nov 15, 2002
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    Why Believe in an invisible God?

    How Can I Believe in a God I can’t See? If God wants us to believe in Him, He should make himself visible so we could talk one on one, touch Him, hear him verbally, see him with our own eyes. "Why does God put us in a position where we have to try to believe in Him? Why does He more