Summary: This is the story of two men. One saw the light and the other saw nothing. One lives in the supernatural and the other in the natural. Our faith is directly related to how we perceive the unseen presence of the Lord as Prophet Elisha and his servant.

2 Kings 6:8-23

This is a story that happened in Northern Israel during the reign of the King Jehoram, son of King Ahab. It was the time of a great deterioration in the religious life of the children of Israel. During this period, the nation has descended to the worship of Baal introduced by Jezebel the wife of King Ahab. As a countermeasure, God raises up the Elias the Prophet to lead Israel out of the destructive path of idolatry and disobedience.

Three times in this particular chapter, Prophet Elias is called the Man of God. This is obviously connected with the God-given ability to perceive the presence of the Lord. The name ELIAS means God is Salvation. The name speaks of the power of God to save. Our God is a mighty Deliverer that delivers all that trust in Him. In addition, salvation is of the Lord and belongs to the Lord.

However, there are many lessons we can learn in this story where God chooses to reveal His power, presence, and provisions for our spiritual strengthening. It is done so that we might have faith even when we are unaware of His presence. Our God can also give light or withdraw light according to His will and plans.

Daily in services for our Lord, we are brought face to face with severe persecution and oppositions. Mostly organized and strategized through the agencies of Satan and his hordes of wicked spirits in the heavenly places. He uses humans to carry out his nefarious activities. It can be noticed in the account that the attack of the enemy is towards the leader of the church who is at the forefront of the revival process. Whenever a good work of God is started the enemy then gears itself to the attack mode. The Devil hates our spiritual growth and renewal.

Attacks of this nature should not come as a surprise as long as we are all partakers of the sufferings of Christ and of the glory that shall be revealed in the coming of the Lord. The issue then is what to do when faced with the opposition as the prophet Elias faced. What do we see in our period of crisis? Do we see the magnitude of the problem or do we see the greatness of our God? Do we see those that oppose us or do we see the hand of God? Are we seeing as God sees or as the servant of the prophet saw? Are you counting the number of the enemy’s chariots or the provisions of God? Are you blind to spiritual realities?

In this account, we see two types of believers (the servants of God) one has spiritual understanding to perceive the signs of the time. The other is completely blind to the spiritual world. Such is the condemnation of the church of Laodicea Revelation 3:17-18 of being blind and naked. There are many in the world of Christianity that refuse to accept the existence of the supernatural and the miraculous power of God present in the living church. In the Gospel of John, several times our Lord castigated the rulers of the Jews for deliberately ignoring the Light.

Christ Jesus is the Light that lightens all creation. He is the Light of the world in whose light we can have light or our spiritual sight restored. The light here speaks of illumination and understanding. God has commanded the Light to shine in our heart to give us the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. 2 Corinthian 4:6. Therefore, it is important that we look more upon the face of our Lord to capture the reflection of His glory. He is the Author and the Finisher of our faith.

Prophet Elias has to pray for light and sight be given to his servant. Let us do the same in our churches, homes, and business place. Anyway, what is the use of light without sight? Jesus Christ our Lord is our Sufficiency that can meet all our needs. We need the presence of God and not more programs in our churches. Let us do what Elijah did by praying and asking for more light James 1:5.

Brief doctrine of God in this account

• The all-sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ our God: Our God is sufficient to meet all our needs

• The sovereignty of God: The Lord is overall and above all, His plan is settled

• The Omniscience of God: God knows all things even the plan and thoughts of the enemy

• The omnipotence of God: All power belongs to the Lord

• The Omnipresence of God: The Lord is present and He is our present help in trouble

• The mercy and goodness of God: He is merciful and good to all

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