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  • Unleashing Authority And Identity In Christ

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Mar 25, 2021

    Now it is impossible to activate authority without having a recognized identity. Since authority organizes and drives itself through our accepted identity.

    As believers, we do not know how to react as we are witness to the weaknesses and unpreparedness of our supposed technological advancement in addressing the problems of our days: although, knowledge has increased exponentially? Even now, the world is looking up to the average believer to proffer more

  • How Exercising Authority Is Powerless Without Enforcing Our Identity In Christ.

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Mar 24, 2021

    Because without knowing and having a recognized identity, we are powerless to use our authority over the things in the heavens and on earth.

    When I started my new life in Christ, one of the first things I noticed among believers in the Church was the level of humility and unblemished morality displayed even in troublesome times. But as time progresses, I began to question every form of the appearance of the outward display of humility: more

  • Are There Churches That Practices Witchcraft?

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Sep 4, 2020
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    However, when Christianity is practiced without the power of the Holy Spirit, she loses her protection and falls in the danger of practicing the art of witchcraft to stay useful to society

    Recent events around the world may be pointing to the truth of our civilization entering into a new phase along the path of her disastrous history on this beautiful planet earth. With the horizon getting darker daily all over the earth, and the day filled with anxiety and shadows of fear in what more

  • The Church Explained In Eight Words

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Aug 21, 2020
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    The church is the place where the Holy God meets with sinners washed in the Blood of Jesus. It is the fellowship of a perfect God with a perfect nature with a people imperfect with a dual nature.

    The pandemic crisis has drawn the curtain on many things the world and the church have taken for granted for a long time. Not to say that may look like denying the truth. Afterall no saying the coronavirus has affected the church may be a misnomer. Because the most important thing the church needs more

  • The Unsearchable Greatness Of God In Light Of The Coronavirus.

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Aug 19, 2020
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    The greatness of our God is not limited by space, nor time. He is eternal, infinite, and almighty in power. Nothing is too difficult for Him. He is personal but different from us

    I would not have written this sermon if not for a press conference given by a political leader of a great nation. In the press briefing, he said the coronavirus is a test of the greatness of God, or God was testing His greatness through the pandemic outbreak. On hearing, I was taken aback by the more

  • The Several Antichrists

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Aug 12, 2020

    These are the tares present in the church but have never been a part of the body of Christ. The existence of the many antichrists in the church describes those that were not really believers. The Bible describes them as those without root, the tares in the church.

    In the first part of this writing, we had examined the spirit behind the antichrist called the spirit of the antichrist or the spirit of error. In this second part, we shall do well to reveal the several antichrists that exist in the church. These studies shall help to identify the marks of those more

  • The Antichrist And The Last Days.

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Aug 10, 2020
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    What then does the Bible teaches concerning the coming of the Antichrist and the system that shall be in place during his rule and reign over the nations.  To answer these question one must refer to the Bible making sure all the biblical references be contextual and accurately used

    These are interesting times as nothing can compare to the charged and pregnant atmosphere that surrounds us daily with the uncertainty of what might occur next in the scheme of things. The fluidity of the situation is so fearful that many are unhinged at the end of the age happening any time soon. more

  • The Pandemic Crisis Could Be Our New Appointment To Rise Up

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Jul 18, 2020

    Even so, the plans of the Lord always carry with her the potential to move us to a new level of experience. According to His purpose, God can allow changes when it is ordained to take us to Mount Pisgah so we can see the Promised Land.

    Moreover, as humans, we are accustomed to believing that unplanned changes caused by a crisis are not our friends because they tend to threaten and upset the balance of our nature and livelihood. However, what looks like unplanned changes to us maybe God’s plan according to His purpose. But can God more

  • When Nature Cannot Teach Us

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Jul 18, 2020

    Therefore, let God teach us that we might know what nature has to say in the wake of the crisis engulfing the world.

    A few days ago, I watched a documentary on Discovery/Nature Channel by Sir David Attenborough the great explorer who has been at the forefront of uncovering the hidden treasures of the ocean depths through innovative technology. His programs are widely viewed worldwide by those very eager to learn more

  • The Message Of The Samaritan For Today's Evangelism

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Jul 13, 2020

    Believers are called by God to engage in the reconciliatory of the works of the Lord and not promote our style of worship and every other thing that turns from the truth.

    Once I heard words from a wise pastor that still evoke awe in my heart even as the time eclipses like a winding clock. In fact, all believers can attest to the instance of the truth of the scripture coming alive unexpectedly like a stream bursting forth. It simply means there is a possibility of more

  • Strengthening Leadership In The Church

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Jun 27, 2020

    Thus, believers limit leadership to the secular world and the places where citizens socialize, political establishments, corporate business, sporting activities, and professional gatherings in society. The price is the low and unworkable leadership structure in the body of Chris

    Therefore, there is a need for the restructuring of the present church model if she desires to project Christ's government and leadership to the world. There must be an all-inclusive, team spirit, true unity, and a three-but a single-level model built upon the membership, stewardship, and more

  • The Biblical Way Of Overcoming Trouble And Crisis

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Jun 22, 2020

    In the period of crisis, believers need to concentrate more on the faithfulness of the Lord instead of our unbelief's and limited means.

    Difficult and interesting times are upon us with the coronavirus, outbreak causing untold hardship and pains to many families, not only of the loved ones lost in the heat of the crisis but economic difficulties decimating the base of many families. The story is the same everywhere with people more

  • The Missing Link In Understanding Leadership In The Church

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Jun 4, 2020

    Many in our community find it difficult to understand that a Christian leader serves those that he leads differently from the world concept.

    Today, in our world, the most important subject hardly discussed among believers is the reign and the governing rule of Christians with Christ in the present dispensation and the future to come.  In fact, a good number of believers shy away, not wanting the hot seat of talking about the role more

  • The Emerging New Stewardship Role In The Church Is Key To Effective Leadership.

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on May 26, 2020

    The church has stayed too long in the wilderness of failed leadership. Now is the time to use the stewardship calling to accomplish the role of leading the church into the new dispensation after the crisis of the pandemic has run her course.

    The present pandemic crisis has revealed the inevitable need for good leadership and governance not only in the world, but in the church as well. Daily we are experiencing and witnessing the failure of leadership in many high places. In fact those who are supposed to lead are failing the calling. more

  • How To Overcome In A Crisis Situation Through Trusting In The Lord.

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on May 23, 2020
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    When a crisis struck, what do we do? Do we look at the problems as a giant and ourselves as grasshoppers? Or do we look unto our God as the great and mighty one able to do above what we know and believe?

    All over the world the story is the same as people are facing hard times. The coronavirus outbreak has caused untold pains to many families, not only of the loved ones lost but economic difficulties as well. In that situation you might ask what to do to beat the odds? Or how do I cope with the more