Summary: Support and encouragement for people especially in Christian circles


This series is intended to support and encourage people in their vocations, occupations and professions. It is written specifically with Christian’s who desire true service in mind. It is beneficial for those in Christian ministry, both in service and those searching for direction. 1st Peter 5:10, Matthew 9;37-38, Luke 10:2,John 4:35

Serving and be served

The word serve connotes work, the performance of an action or operation to and for another. This action or inaction as the case may be, is supposed to better the lot of those for whom the service is being performed. Such that one to whom the service is given is better off when the service is provided, and worse off should the service not be provided.

It is not natural to want to serve. Many desire to be served and to have things done for them. Hence, the felt need and rush to acquire positions and wealth that would give one the opportunity to be done for things by others.

This mindset is so entrenched in the minds of persons that if a wealthy or positioned person did a menial task, the majority of the populace will be astounded and the other offended. The person may even take home an award for doing that which should be done. This was encountered between Simon Peter and YAHSHUA. Simon could not bear the thought of YAHSHUA serving him. Yet YAHSHUA was very categorical: A leader must serve and I will show you how. If you don’t accept me to serve you, you are out of My Kingdom! The Kingdom of Heaven is about service.

Benefits are derived from service. These may be personal, financial, societal or spiritual. At retirement, many are rewarded for years of service. In some cases this service is termed exemplary. Yet in a country like Kenya, we wonder what kind of service it was when things seem to be moving from better to worse right from personal relationships, communal affairs reaching to the international level.

One gets satisfaction and fulfillment for doing good deeds, a feeling that is not replicated by any other. However, many today are not satisfied with that. We find more frequently that the need for acquisition has topped the need for service. The question is asked, “Why work for it when you can get it through other means?” This deviant thinking has reached a point where criminals and wicked persons boast that their actions are a service and that they are engaging in a useful pursuit.

Some time back, when one served they expected nothing in return. Those days are long gone. The service ethic has been replaced by a capitalistic one where everyone wants to benefit and not only benefit, but benefit and profit beyond the maximum possible.

Suffice it to say, that the modern world pushes the idea that nothing is for free, not even basic services that sustain life. We have seen cases of medical care being pushed down the throats of people who barely understood it and its benefits. Later, when the same people can’t pay for the service they are denied the service with catastrophic results.

No money, no service. This is the expectation and reality today. This is characterized in the frequent strikes engaged into by members of various professions.

The Christian circles have not been left behind. Numerous warnings are given in the bible against servants who devour their flock. Many have joined what is called “God’s work” not with the aim of service but with the aim of acquiring positions of influence, wealth. The principle of "freely you have been given, freely give" is being thrown out of the window if not already thrown away.

The CREATOR  and service

Knowing the  CREATOR is critical for any person who wants to serve or engage in any service properly and with the right motive. The CREATOR is the Author of service. HE created the universe for man. HE sustains it. HE answers us when we call. HE died for us. All this is service. Although HE is ALMIGHTY, HE works for the benefit of HIS children and towards HIS purposes.

The CREATOR has chosen to make HIMSELF known to man through HIS SON, YAHSHUA. Without YAHSHUA ,mankind will perish and is damned. Matthew 4:8,Matthew 16:25-28,Luke 9:25,Mark 8:36, 1 Corinthians 13.

In a nutshell, service outside the dictates and confines of the CREATOR will benefit the CREATOR and HIS children but damn those outside HIS Kingdom.

Genesis 1, Psalms 19,Romans 1:20,Isaiah 40:21

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