Summary: A guide for those seeking to serve YAHWEH in marriage


Relationships in society are being and have been redefined. Marriage too, as we know it is being redefined at an unbelievable speed to cater for diverse interests. So fast, the children of YAHWEH seem to have accepted these changes as inevitable. In fact, some Christians have conformed and adapted to these changes. However, the Bible teaches us that YAHWEH and His Word abide forever and are unchangeable. This is true and applies to marriage as well as any other facet of life. YAHWEH’s intentions for marriage have not changed.

Christians believe as is taught in the Bible, that all people and things were created by YAHWEH for His own pleasure and purpose. When YAHWEH created these things, HE saw that it was all good. That means that He derived pleasure from it and it was pleasing to HIM.

YAHWEH’s original purposes for Adam were to fellowship with HIM, rule and reign over the earth and fill the earth with other human beings. YAHWEH understood that it was not good for man to be alone. He needed another person to be with. Along comes Eve. Eve was supposed to be at his side helping him to achieve these purposes; that is why she was taken from Adam’s side and given to Adam in marriage. The purpose of YAHWEH for men and their wives has not changed. The Bible says that YAHWEH does not change or relax HIS standards as he is not a man.

The current situation as concerns marriages is rather disturbing. YAHWEH is not incapable of doing something about the situation but HE is waiting for those of us called by HIS Name to arise and act according to HIS word in faith. No matter how difficult and impossible this may seem. This means taking a stand in our personal lives and determining to live the way YAHWEH dictates. Understanding this is crucial for marital relationships. Marital life should not be  in accordance with our whims, desires or worldly trends. Marriage is YAHWEH’s ideas and should be lived in accordance with HIS dictates. The bottom line is that marriage is between one man, one woman to the exclusion of  all others for the purpose of fellowship with YAHWEH, dominion over the earth and multiplication of the human race within this confines.

It may seem like we are too far gone but with YAHWEH all things are possible.

The world and its systems tell us that this is impossible and that marriage has failed or is failing any way. The teaching that marriage is old fashioned, outdated, unworkable, bound to fail  and impossible has also permeated the church. Recent research shows that the divorce rate in the church conforms to the divorce rate in the world. With this mind set many have adapted to the current trends and are living according to their own tastes and desires. It is sadly noted that there is a wedding industry characterized by many wedding shows and exhibitions focusing on the wedding day but many couples do not know what to do and how to do it after the wedding.

On closer analysis, we see that what the current trends tell us is not true. Marriage has not failed. It is man that has failed. In addition to failing, man has unsuccessfully re branded his failures as successes and keeps trying to bring new ideas into marriage. The many disillusioned men, women and children point to this. The many demonstrations for rights and recognition in all spheres also points to this. The endless search for love and acceptance in alternative lifestyles, drugs and entertainment puts men, women and children in endless cycles of pain and depravity which if not addressed leads to death.

Almost  gone are the  days when one male and one female would come together and be joined together in marriage with  the intentions of YAHWEH at heart.

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