Summary: We all know how to act at the dinner table what about the Lord’s table

Acts 10:1-48

How to Act at the Table


A. Just for a little D.Y.K. (Did you Know)

B. Did you know that when Ice cream was invented the Quakers thought that it was sinful

C. According to them it had to be sinful. Nothing could taste that good a not be sinful!

D. That kind of sums up the perspective of a lot of Christians

E. If anything is fun it must be sinful

F. I think Peter was in that kind of rut.

G. God was trying to teach him a very important spiritual lesson through the dream we just heard about

H. But Peter was so set in his ways he didn’t want to the Word of God to interfere with his opinion

I. Ever had that problem?

J. We all have

K. Like Peter, I can be stubborn obstinate, and slow to listen

L. So here some handy help form the Bible for our problem

M. The problem of being exclusive with the Gospel instead of Inclusive

N. Today we are going to learn how to act at the Table

O. We are then going to take these tables manner and erase the excuses for being exclusive

P. The first manner we are going to look at is:

I. Eat What’s On Your Plate

A. Explanation

1. Peter was up on the roof praying around noon

a) A good thing to do

2. While he was praying, he became hungry – That happens to me a lot

3. Peter then as the Bible says fell into a trance

4. And there was this huge sheet being let down from Heaven to Earth by the four corners

5. Boy this sheet must have looked Good

6. It could feed Peter for a long time

7. But as it got closer, Peter notice something – It was not Kosher

8. It had animals on it that were forbidden in Jewish culture

9. A voice told him to “Kill and eat”

10. You crazy? I have never even tasted anything unclean, yet alone kill and eat

11. Then the voice told him “do not call anything impure that God has made clean”

12. This happened three times

13. Peter was sitting there scratching his head trying to figure out the meaning of all of this

14. Then a couple of people came to the door, after being prompted by the Holy Spirit, Peter told them that he is the one they are looking for

B. Application

15. What do we learn about how we should act at the table fro this portion of our passage?

16. If God puts it on our plate, eat it!

17. I mean, if God puts someone in your life

18. Like He was putting Cornelius in Peters life, then share the good news with them

19. How ironic it is, Peter thought He was being righteous when he said “No” to God?

20. We know that the Jews and the Gentiles did not get a long

21. But that down not mean they do not need to hear the Good news

22. You might be called to reach someone that is nothing like you, so?

23. Does that give you and excuse not to do it

24. Jew did not like the Gentiles, because they did not adhere to “their laws”,

25. Guess what, some of the people “On your plate” may not act like you may not think like you, may not look like you, and may not even vote like you

26. Does not matter

27. Those people in your life, need to hear the good news

28. Not that does and don’t of United State Church Going Standards

29. They need to hear there is one God

30. Who sent it Son, Jesus, on this Earth

31. Who died on the Cross, rose from the dead, defeating death

32. And not offers to take the punishment for our sins

33. Are you willing to accept that?

C. Illustration

34. Watch this clip (show clip – Noting Hill – fruitarian)

35. Comically absurd

36. But I wonder how absurd we are sometimes when we make distinction about the people God want us to let on our plates?

II. Be Kind To the Guest

A. Explanation

1. When Peter meant these guys he had a couple of choices

2. Choice number one – Threaten them – You get out of here right now or I am going to call the cops, or better yet, I am going to shoot you myself

3. Choice number 2 – The kind rejection – I am the man that you are looking for, But I am going to have to ask you to leave

a) For you see according to our Ceremonial law, I am not allowed to speak to you

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