Summary: Christ is our Savior. You have heard that before but what does that mean

Christ Our Savior


A. Could there a more significant topic in all of Christianity

B. Salvation is what the whole Christian faith is based on

C. Without Salvation there would not be the difference that we experience as Christians compared to other religions.

D. Unfortunately there are many different views of salvation I would like to explain some of them:

1. Liberation theology

2. Existential Theology

3. Secular Theology

4. Roman Catholic theology (Maybe Skip)

5. Evangelical Theology

E. For the rest of the time we will be using the Evangelical theology model

I. The Need For Salvation

A. Explanation

1. First of all we need to have an the what Salvation means: “Salvation is the application of the work of Christ to the life of the individual

2. Romans 6:23 “Wages of Sin”

a. Wages

b. Sin

c. Death

3. Romans 3:23 “For all of Sin”

a. ALL

b. Glory of God

B. Application

1. As I mentioned just a little bit ago, death is hell

2. That is were we all deserve to go unfortunately.

3. You can not save your self; you can not have a friend save you.

4. Salvation is found one place and one place only.

C. Illustration

II. The Gift of Salvation

A. Explanation

1. Another term that we need to mention is Justification: is God’s action pronouncing sinner’s righteous in Hs sight; it is a forensic act imputing the righteousness of Christ to the believer.

2. Man is hopelessly lost

3. What if some man were able to live a pure life?

4. What if there was a substation to make us righteous in His sight?

B. Application

1. There was, and there is!

2. Christ came to this earth for one purpose, to offer us the gift of salvation

3. This is the biggest Gift you could ever imagine

4. God desperately wants us to live forever

5. God cares about what he created

6. God desires us to be with him forever

C. Illustration – How much parents still care about their kids

III. The Receiving of the Gift of Salvation

A. Explanation

1. Let’s not make this harder then it has to be.

2. Jesus never wanted things to be impossible

3. One thing we have to realize is that this is truly a gift.

4. There are no strings attached

5. Let me just say that this salvation is available for all

a. just look at 1 Timothy 2:3-4 “This is good and pleases God our Savior”

b. Look at John 3:16 – Whosoever

c. Some will tell you that it is only available fore the “elected” look at John 6:44”No one can come to me unless the Father… Yes that is true, however; the father desire everyone to be saved

d. John 6:37 -- They will say all that the father gives…So if you come to the Son, you will never be driven away.

6. Another thing that can get hung up on is loosing our salvation

a. Can we loose it or not? (Give both arguments)

b. My solution to the problem

B. Application

1. To receive this gift is easy

2. Turn with me to Romans 10:9

a. Confess with your mouth “Jesus is YOUR Lord”

b. Believe in Your heart – That God raise Him from the dead

c. You will be saved.

3. This is not abbra-codebra. No special pharases

4. Ask God to forgive you of your sins

5. Believe and you will be saved

C. Illustration – Receiving this gift is like have a bridge built.


A. My Personal Story.

B. Salvation is the greatest thing that could ever have happened to us. I thank God for salavation on a regular basis. Imagine were you would be without salavation. I am sure that I do not want to be in eternal hell for eternity. I am also sure that you do not want to be therre either. God provided a way. His way is available. Will you accept His way?

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