Summary: God created sex and gave it as a gift for heterosexual marriage. outside this boundary it is sinful and destructive in life



Allow me to give you some statistics – you might be shocked by these. These statistics come from a survey carried out within the Christian church, amongst leaders and lay people – please remember that as you listen to them.

64% struggle with sexual addiction or sexual compulsions, including but not limited to use of pornography, and other secret sexual activity.

25% admitted to having sexual intercourse with someone other than their wife, while married, and since becoming a Christian.

Another 14% acknowledged having a sexual contact short of intercourse with someone outside of their marriage since becoming a Christian.

When you put all the figures together the startling statistic is this – 50% of people (who are committed followers of Christ) within the Christian church admitted having some sort of inappropriate sexual contact/activity outside of marriage. What this tells me is that illicit, immoral, sexual activity is not something out there but actually a painful reality within the lives of many people within the church. Let me say to you, I didn’t need that survey to tell me that was the case. As a pastor I have dealt with such issues all of my ministry and without breaking any confidences HTW is not exempt from those statistics. So this is a reality that we need to address directly, honestly and biblically and that is what I propose to do this morning.

The world in which you and I live bombards us with sexual imagery every day. In fact it would appear that we live in a society obsessed with sex and sexuality. The message of the world is pretty clear when it comes to sexual behaviour. It is an isolated, physical act and it is something that we can engage in and move on in life without any really serious consequences. Because the world sees the area of sexual activity as primarily physical its concern is primarily avoiding any physical consequences of sexual activity. Hence the whole promotion of condoms for safe sex etc. Basically the world says: “Avoid the physical consequences (STD’s and pregnancy) and everything will be okay.” The world tells us to forget what God says concerning sexual activity because in reality it sees Him as a cosmic killjoy who is opposed to sex. Whereas from in Scripture we read that God is the author of sex. He is the one who invented sex and gave it to mankind as a gift to be enjoyed, cherished and for more than just a physical experience (as we shall see in a moment).

Listen to these words from Genesis 2 verse 24 – read. What does this verse teach about sex? It teaches that it was the first gift that God gave Adam and Eve. After He had breathed life into their bodies what instruction did He give them? Read Genesis 1 verse 28 ‘Be fruitful and multiply…’ The first instruction given to Adam and Eve by God was to engage in sexual intercourse for the increase of mankind on the earth. That is why we include that in the preface to the marriage ceremony. God gave sexual intercourse as a gift to mankind but did you notice the rules He placed upon it – read again Genesis 2 verse 24. One man and one woman. They leave their parents and join together and become one flesh. God gave them the gift and fenced it round, not because He is a killjoy, because He knows that the sexual act is not primarily physical but is primarily relational. Two people becoming one. When a man and a woman engage in sexual activity they become one. Not just physically one but emotionally, spiritually and relationally one. You see the primary consequences of sexual activity are not physical but relational. That is why God has ring fenced it within marriage. Sex outside of heterosexual marriage sows relational seeds that reap a harvest in other relationships and those seeds filter down through the generations. They get passed on to your children and your grandchildren.

You don’t believe me? Why then do statistics show that young girls whose fathers had affairs or left home are more likely to fall pregnant outside of marriage than those whose fathers did not behave in such a manner? I could go on but I won’t. Even in Scripture it is seen. David and Bathsheba which sowed seeds that bore the following fruit within his family. Amnon, his son, raped Tamar (his sister, David’s daughter). Amnon was then killed by Absalom in revenge for this and David had no moral integrity to intervene at any stage.

Turn with me if you would please to 1 Corinthians 6 and the reading which Colin read for us this morning.

Context – 1 Corinthians

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Anthony Rock

commented on Mar 22, 2014


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