Summary: Jesus. A name that could create some problems. When we begin to share about Jesus, people will get upset. What is more important, being liked, or telling people about Jesus

Acts 4:1-22

All I Did Was Talk About Jesus


A. When I was your age, I walked to school

B. Bare foot,

C. 5 feet of snow

D. Up hill

E. Both ways

F. We had to cut down a tree to make our own paper

G. (Reverse sides)

H. Ohh yeah, well you didn’t have to deal with gangs

I. With terrorism threats

J. With kids bringing guns to school

K. With all the drugs that we have to deal with

L. On and on the debate goes

M. Who had it worse who had the hardest time

N. We like to think that the first church, the church in acts, the beginning of the church had an easy time reaching people

O. That they walked around, talked about Christ for a little bit and people were saved

P. No problem, no persecution

Q. They just shared the Gospel and people accepted it

R. Was it really that way?

S. Today we are going to see what happened to Peter and John after they shared about Jesus and we are going to apply it to our lives today

T. The first thing that we see is:

I. Trials (1-12)

A. Explanation

1. Last week we learned about the healing of the lame man

2. When The people saw this they were interested

3. So Peter and John took the opportunity to tell them about Christ

4. When the officials, the chief of police, or temple guard, and the Sadducees, people who were totally opposed to Jesus notice what was going on they tried to arrest the guy

a) The chief of police he thought there were just make an unruly mob, so he had better take care of it

b) The Sadducees wanted them arrested because they kept saying the “J” word = Jesus

5. By this time is late at night, so they simply tossed Peter and John into a holding cell until the morning.

6. Even though Peter was interrupted in the middle of his sermon, about 2000 people were saved that day

7. So Peter and John managed to get some good rest that night

8. The next day, they had to bring their “a” game to the meeting with the Sanhedrin, Israel’s Supreme Court.

a) 71 educated, powerful, and cultured man,

b) Peter and John were about to face them

c) Note they were defiantly prepared they were filled with the Holy Spirit

9. Look what they said (Read 8-11)

10. They did not try and defend themselves

11. They spoke the truth and held nothing back

12. These are very clear word they spoke

13. So peter even takes it a step further

14. He witness to the Sanhedrin in the middle of his own trail

a) Read 12 – Peter tells them were salvation is found

15. Peter makes not apology for telling the truth, he tells them how it is, without backing down one little bit

B. Application

16. Let’s apply all of this to our lives

17. When we speak about Jesus we will face trials

18. Peter and John were not looking for trouble, but they ended up in trouble

19. Notice they never back down

20. The kept on doing their job of testifying about Christ

21. And they did not back down, they did not water down the truth

22. We live in a society that is suppose to be tolerant

23. Tolerance, diversity, sincerity are all the words of the day

24. All roads lead to heaven, if you just live a good life

25. Christians are even getting influenced by this line of thinking

26. Some will say “Jesus is the only source of salvation, but you don’t have to know him in order to benefit from the salvation he offers

a) Behind this is the idea that if you are a faithful Muslim, or Hindu, or Jew, you will be saved by Jesus

b) There is salvation in no one else, but you don’t have to believe on him in order to be saved by him

c) So if you believe in Allah and that Mohammed is the true prophet, as long as your are sincere, you will be saved by Jesus

27. You might be sincere – but your sincerely wrong

28. When we start to teach Jesus

29. When we start saying that Jesus is the only way

30. We will find ourselves in trouble

31. But Jesus is the name that changed your life and the Only name that can change their life

32. We must speak that name of Jesus

C. Illustration

II. Threat (13-18)

A. Explanation

1. Now that Peter and John boldly stood up to the Sanhedrin they were shocked

2. Then the Sanhedrin realized they were common men, not the educated, not “Professionals”, just common men

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