Summary: 5 types of broken heart in scripture

5 Types of Broken Heart

Text: Psalms 38:8 I am feeble and sore broken: I have roared by reason of the disquietness of my heart.

The heart is mentioned more that 945 times in the KJV.

The first mentions are in Genesis 6:5,6

God knows your thoughts.

God lives in heaven, but heaven isn’t so heavenly for Him when our hearts are not right.

This AM we begin a series of messages on the heart with a brief discussion of a broken heart.

Illus: We find out early in life about a broken heart. 1st grade valentines cards. If you get one from the gal/guy of your dreams its wonderful, but if not gloom despair, agony oh my...

5 Types of Broken Heart:

1. A heart broken by betrayal.

Mt 1:18-20

In this case Joseph thought his love had betrayed him. Betrayal in love is probably the most familiar form of broken heart to us.

What is unusual about this case is that Joseph is wrong, Mary hasn’t betrayed him. Some brokenheartedness in life is based on wrong information.

Wrong about what has happened.

Wrong about what God is going to do.

Wrong about what God thinks of you.

2. A heart broken by being sidetracked.

Rev. 2:4,5

Broken means in this case, not working properly. We usually think of broken as sadness, but in the bible if your heart is not working the way God wanted to do it is said to be in a broken condition.

How to know if you have left your first love:

You are not doing the first works.

Prayer, seeking Gods face, laying everything offensive to your first love aside etc.

You are better at judging others than you are at loving God. (They hatedst the deeds of the Nicolaitans)

3. An unthankful heart is a broken heart.

(Again this is a heart that is not working properly. Like a car with a bad alternator, it is still a car but it ain’t working right, it is broken.)

Romans 1:21

Foolish minds were darkened. They had less light, and they were plants that were bending not towards the light but the darkness.

1 Thess 5:18

A heart that is functioning properly according to 1 Thess 5:18 will have 5 blessings:

1. It will put God’s spin on all of life’s circumstances, resulting in increased peace and joy.

2. It will excite hope. Thankfulness excites hope.

3. It removes doubt and unbelief.

4. It brings the peace of the obedient. (To obey is better than sacrifice)

5. It stirs faith which is the vehicle that brings the payload of miracles.

4. The fourth kind of broken heart is a hard heart.

3 Kinds of hard heart that may be said to be broken by reason of its hardness:

Hard hearted toward others: 1 Sam 25:37 Nabal became in his physical heart what he was in his spiritual heart. Those who past the injured man before the good Samaritan got to him.

Hard hearted towards God: Ezekiel 36:25, 26. Many people have tender hearts towards others and yet still have a hard heart towards God. In light of this text and the text in Rev. 2:4 it is appropriate that we seek God to have a tender heart before the Lord.

Hard hearted about forgiveness: Eph 4:32 If you are not forgiving someone you are just as broken in your heart as they are in theirs. In fact: 1 John 3:15

5. The fifth kind of broken heart is a heart broken by sin.

Psalms 66:18 - you are broken, you as a Christian are in a non-working condition.

Psalms 51:15-18

Psalms 34:15-18

In these last two texts we are speaking of a good broken heart. A heart that has been broken by the consequence of sin, and broken of the pleasure of sin.

1 Cor 5:1-5

Close: How’s your heart? Is it broken by sadness, or in some other way not working properly?

Pastor I need help with sadness.

Pastor I need help with thankfulness.

Pastor I need help returning to my first love.

Pastor I need help with hardness.

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