Summary: A guide for men and women seeking to serve GOD in marriage

Woman’s Page

As the previous page is for men, this one is for women.

Get saved this simply means surrender your life to YAHSHUA . HE put you in a female body for a reason.

Accept you are a female and find out what YAHWEH’s purpose for your life is. Ask HIM and Trust HIM.

Take care of yourself, value yourself for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

YAHWEH has a good plan for you, you don’t need witchcraft and manipulation to access good in your life. All you need is to align yourself with YAHWEH’s purposes and what is yours will locate you.

Leave men who are not your husband alone.

Love your husband and respect HIM unconditionally whether HE has money or not, whether bad or not .If you re not prepared to do this don’t marry him. After loving YAHWEH, tenderly love and care for your husband and children.

Learn to cook and actually cook.

Learn to and carry out household activities

Appreciate and enjoy your sexuality. Do not use sex as a revenge tool against your husband. You will be the loser.

Don’t take matters in your own hands; take them to YAHWEH in prayer. Remember Sister Sarah. Her plan still subjects her legitimate descendants to untold horrors. Then be patient and have faith. Trust in the LORD and lean not on your own understanding.

Don’t mislead your friends and then laugh at them.

Be happy for your friends and relatives when good happens to them.

Don’t gossip and backbite.

Don’t plan evil for your friends and use others to carry it out.

Be nice to your in –laws and other females whether they deserve it or not.

Don’t use your body to get what you want. Seek first the kingdom of YAHWEH and all these things will be added unto you.

Be aware of your sexuality and attractiveness and use it for the glory of YAHWEH.

You are beautiful you don’t need plastic, injections, drugs, paint and chemicals to look good. A good bath, oiled skin, well kept hair is sufficient.

Take care of your family and others.

Share your food and other materials/Be hospitable and considerate of others

Don’t be jealous

Don’t aid/abet evil

Pray without ceasing

Don’t allow depression to creep into your life. Don’t kill yourself, the children and the man.

Smile, relax and be happy.

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