Summary: Think about how we could make it to heaven before Christ. Christ made it a lot better for us

Hebrews 2:1-4

A Better Way To Make It To Heaven


1. Phones were invented why? To communicate Better.

2. Why were cars invented? Better transportation

3. Why were glasses invented? Better sight

4. Why was salvation given to us? A better way to make it to Heaven.

5. Yes we are still getting better

6. There are three items that make Christ’s Salvation is a better way to Heaven

1. Better Origin

2. Better Transmission

3. Better effectiveness

I. The Better Origin (3a)

A. Explanation

1. This salvation of our came from a very unique place

2. Our Salvation came through a perfect sacrifice

3. A salvation from the One True God by the One True Son

B. Application

1. We need to Remember to thank Jesus for his work hear on earth

2. He provided us salvation

3. How ungrateful we can be by not even remembering to thank Jesus for what he has done.

4. We need to realize that salvation is a Gift from God and is way better then any other claim for salvation.

C. Illustration

There was a movie with the president in it. The president wanted to do something special for the girl that he was seeing and wanted to get her flowers. He did want one of his people getting the flowers for him. He wanted to do it himself. He tried a couple of time to get them himself but he just messed up. Until finally he does find flowers for her that he get himself. Imagine how special that girl felt. Think about how special of gift we have.

II. The Better Transmission (3b)

A. Explanation

1. This message is not the same as Essops Fables.

2. This message was not told and told and told and eventually some huge story was made up

3. This message came from the people that knew him.

4. Hebrews was written by someone who knew Jesus personally

B. Application

1. Other religions can not even come close to the accuracy of the Bible

2. There is no other book in this world more accurate then the Bible

3. God gave the words to the authors.

4. This is a much better transmission then any other religion.

C. Illustration

Think about our wonderful world to telecommunications. Once upon a time phones were hard to hear. You had to should in them. Now today I can get on my Cell phone and hear perfectly clear in the middle of no where.

III. The Better effectiveness (4)

A. Explanation

1. Due to the salvation of Jesus we are much more effective

2. Imagine if you would if you would have to follow all those laws to the letter that are in the Old Testament

3. Imagine how less effective we would be without the miracles God give us

4. We would all be doomed to Hell without the effectiveness of Jesus Salvation.

B. Application

1. Look how effective we can be

2. The ultimate object of Christianity is to make bad man look good

3. I am living proof of that. I am not a good man. But Jesus salivation has made me a good man

C. Illustration

Try and think about something with me. If Christianity were like a company, imagine having to figure out the cost of the law. Imagine trying to hire enough employees, train them well enough, and still expect bad product. Then along comes a better way of doing things. You could totally assemble something wrong but it through the final check and it would be made perfect. That is effectiveness.


1. We are much better off because of Christ’s Salvation

2. We have a better origin

3. We have better transmission

4. We have better effectiveness

5. However, notice how I did not talk much about vs. 1. Lets look at it

6. How does this verse fit in then? Then author knew that we could easily become fat and lazy. This is an effort to prevent that.

7. In a world were we are constantly looking for something better, There the gift of salvation.

8. Nothing is better then Christ’s Salvation.

9. Remember That.

10. Accept That

11. Share That.

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