Summary: A message to the church at Corinth (1 of 2).


(Part 1)

1 Corinthians 1:1-9

INTRO: The city of Corinth was a cesspool of sin. What New York is to the

United States today, Corinth was to Greece then.

Paul was concerned about the condition in Corinth because he had helped establish a church there, and this church was involved in the sins of Corinth. Most of the members has formerly lead immoral lives.


A. Some church members were trying to discredit Paul’s apostleship.

1. He was an apostle of Jesus, not of the Jerusalem council.

2. He was an apostle, not was to be an apostle.

3. God called him to be an apostle. Paul didn’t just choose to

be one.

B. He reminds the Church that they themselves are called saints.

1. It was grace that saved them and chose them as saints.

2. It was grace that chose Paul — not only as a saint, but

also as an apostle.


A. Paul didn’t begin by condemning them. He began by praising every

good work done by the church.

1. He recognized some good in them, even in all of their


2. Not what they had done, but what Christ had done through


3. They had utterance and knowledge, even though they were mis

using it.

4. No matter how bad a church may get or be, there is still

some good that it is doing.

B. Paul also blesses them for Christ’s testimony confirmed.

1. By their strong belief in Christ’s return for his children,

and their gifts.

2. Their gifts of utterance. Utterance is: outward

expressions — speech.

a. They placed more emphasis on utterance than upon knowl


b. People do the same thing today.

c. Knowledge is: inward comprehension.


A. This same Jesus whom you serve will keep you till the end.

1. Even though they had many faults, Jesus would be with them.

2. Regardless of the works they had done.

B. God is faithful.

CONC: Paul, in writing to this Church at Corinth, begins by showing his authority to write to them. then he extends his blessing for their good works, then he assures them of God’s care and love.

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Kraig Pullam

commented on Sep 10, 2008

Pastor Wood. Want you to know that your messages are very inspiring; and I love your outlines. Be encouraged in all that you do. God is using you!

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