Summary: A study in first Peter

I. An outburst of praise to God.

A. It is “Reverent Praise”

B. It is “Loving Praise”

C. It is “Intelligent Praise”

D. It is “Grateful Praise”

II. Praise to God for a Bright Hope and Glorious Future

A. It is Praise to God for “a Hope”

1. Hope defined – confident expectation dealing with the unseen and/or the future

2. Living Hope

a. Hope that will grow

b. Hope that is true

c. Hope that cannot be quenched

d. Hope that is an “anchor for the Soul”

B. It is Praise to God for “a future”

1. In contrast to their current situation – a destination

2. Possessions securely waiting for them

a. Mercy

b. Never perish

c. Spoil

d. Fade

III. Praise God for the Ensuring of the Future

A. God is the “Trustee” of the future

1. It is “kept” for us

2. It is “Shielded” for us

B. It will be revealed

IV. So why 1st Peter 1?

A. To show us: we have a hope with our “New Birth”

B. There is a time coming when all will know that Jesus is real

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