Summary: Daniel was called a man with an excellent spirit, this is a message detailing why he was called such.

An Excellent Spirit

Text: Daniel 5:12

Where did Daniel’s excellent spirit come from?

His surroundings?

Was it because he had a good life, free from the burden of want and of buying and selling?, his spirit was able to soar? If so then where then were the other Jewish boys and where then is the aristocracy of the world?

Was it because he was given a very important job in the kingdom? Some think if they were a pro football player, or if they were a senator, or if they were made the head of a corporation, then they would really serve God. What you are now you will be then. A job doesn’t make you a better Christian. Look at modern sports, or the Christian music industry.

Was it because of the quality of his spiritual leaders? Israel was bankrupt at the time.

What then made him great, or excellent in spirit?

1. He was weaned in the Lord. Though young he was taught how to feed on his own.

Genesis 21:8 I think everyone celebrates a little when a child is weaned.

Daniel though young had to spiritually stand on his own. He couldn’t rely on others to lead him. Most of us will encounter a time in our life where we will be faced with a similar situation. You have to stand on your own. You have to be weaned from bottle feeding and stand for the Lord. Daniel did and you should to.

2. He had a hunger for knowledge. Dan 1:3,4

Some people only want to know enough to get by.

Study to show thyself approved.

As newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the word. 1 Peter 2:2

Desire the milk of the word!... that you may grow thereby.

3. He made a decision not to be defiled by the world. Daniel 1:8

Job made a covenant with his eyes, (Job 31:1) and David said he would set no wicked thing before his eyes. (Ps 101:3)

4. He had an outstanding walk before the Lord and was well liked by others outside the kingdom. Daniel 1:9

Grew in favor with God and man, as did Samuel, and Jesus.

5. He openly declared and lived his faith. Daniel 1:9-13

6. God gave him favor. Daniel 1:18-20

All that Daniel had, God gave more to. To him that hath will more be given.

7. Not only did he have a hunger for knowledge, he had a hunger for God.

Evidenced in his holy commitment, and in his committing things to prayer, and his openness to spiritual gifts.

8. He refused to allow anything to hamper his prayer life. Daniel 6:10

He had a consistent weaned prayer life. Not just for milk but for meat.

9. He loved his nation, and prayed diligently for them. As evidenced by his fasting and prayer for his nation. Ps 122:6, Daniel’s prayer for the restoration of his nation.

Close: Daniel sets before us an example of God’s kind of man, let us endeaver to follow him even as he followed the leading of God in his life. How many men, by a show of hands, would say, "Pastor, I want to be a man in whom is an excellent spirit."

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