Summary: The nation of Judah is destroyed under King Ahaz but God uses his son, Hezzekiah to bring revival back to the land...the pattern for spiritual revival and renewal in the life of the Christian is revealed following the King’s road to a "whole-Heart" reviva


2 Chronicles 29:1-2 - ©Dr. Larry L. Thompson (2006)

“Hezekiah was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem twenty-nine years. His mother’s name was Abijah daughter of Zechariah. 2 He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, just as his father David had done.” 2 Chron. 29:1-2

Introduction: Revival will not come to the church until the leadership is revived. Leaders lead and the greatest example of spiritual leadership is when leaders lead with their whole heart! We have said that the 18 month “Whole-Heart” journey that we will begin next week is not just about raising money for us to complete the Community Life Center and to repair our building from hurricane damage. I am standing here today to tell you again that this journey is NOT ABOUT MONEY. It is about something far more important. It is about the life our ministry; it is about our commitment, our steadfastness, our perseverance, our endurance, our spiritual influence, and our faithfulness. This is the great need of our church at this moment in our history; it is not buildings and it is not money. A place for a body of believers to meet is essential. But believers can meet in a home, a hut, or out in the open air, and have more impact in changing their city for Christ than those who meet in magnificent buildings. It is not about the buildings…it is about the believer and their personal response to their Savior.

Money is essential to carry on the mission of the church; for the gospel of Christ must be carried not only to South Florida but also to the whole world. Therefore, the church is responsible not only to take the gospel to its own community and to meet the needs of its neighbors but also to take that message into the entire world.

Yet as necessary as a meeting place for worship and the financial resources are, these two factors are not the major needs of our church. The primary need is the revival and the resource of God’s people; people who are wholeheartedly committed, dedicated, loyal, devoted, steadfast, persevering, enduring, and who are strong witnesses for Christ. This is the greatest need of our church.

Biblical Background: After King Ahaz brought ruin upon Judah through war and the closing of the Lord’s temple; the nation of Judah was in desperate need. Its economy was wrecked and its military was decimated. There was no courageous, godly leadership to restore the nation, especially so long as King Ahaz lived and continued his ungodly reign. But God knew the catastrophic devastation that had swept over the nation, and even while Ahaz was still ruling, the Lord was preparing his son Hezekiah to take the throne and to restore the nation. Although King Hezekiah was raised in one of the most ungodly environments imaginable, he came to know the Lord in a very personal way, committing his life, wholeheartedly, to the Lord. You may ask, “How was this young man who was raised by one of the most ungodly leaders in all of Israel able to lead with such godliness?” Don’t discount the fact of God’s work in all of our lives regardless of the homes in which we were raised. Hezekiah’s mother was the daughter of Zechariah, who advised King Uzziah and served as a witness for the prophet Isaiah. No matter how bad your family history you have a choice to make…with the power of Christ you can break the cycle.

Today, as we continue our WHOLE-HEART SERIES we focus on the spiritual revival that occurred under the leadership of King Hezekiah. This account is one of the most extensive accounts of a Biblical revival in the scriptures. I believe we can learn much about identifying the keys to true spiritual awakening; a whole-hearted revival which must begin with our leadership.

One fact that all revivals in the scripture have in common with each other is this biblical truth: EVERY SPIRITUAL AWAKENING BEGINS WITH LEADERSHIP. A REVIVED, WHOLE-HEARTED LEADERSHIP WILL BE A CATAYLIST TO LEAD REVIVAL AMONG GOD’S PEOPLE. And, Revival will never come to the church until the spiritual leadership is revived!

King Hezekiah issued three calls for a “WHOLE-HEARTED” commitment to the leaders of Israel. This whole-heart commitment is distinctly defined.

1. A Call for SEPARATION

2. A Call for SURRENDER

3. A Call for SACRIFICE

I believe that God wants to issue these same three calls today in the life of every leader in our fellowship.

That doesn’t mean if you’re not a leader than you can check out on me today. I believe that God will challenge you to join these leaders in revival, and in service! I believe some of you may need to consider taking a position of service in this ministry, or many of your may need to return to a position of service. So pay close attention and let the Spirit of God speak to your whole-heart.

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