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Summary: God always takes care of His own!

* A Christian is not under circumstances, they’re under grace!

D) God is teaching us a lesson here in our text! * How little you have doesn’t matter!

* The only thing that matters is that you wholly surrender what you have to God!


* Elisha said to the troubled widow, "Go borrow thee vessels abroad of all thy ......."

A) To the logical, but unbelieving mind, it would appear silly to get a lot of empty vessels to hold

oil when one did not know where the oil was coming from!

* But those who get help from God must provide the empty vessels!

B) For the poor widow to go out & appeal to her neighbors that she might borrow empty vessels,

lots of empty vessels, would be a real test of her faith! * Let me illustrate:

* "Hello Mrs. Jacobson, may I borrow all the vessels you can spare? I’d like to borrow the churn,

milk pail, vinegar jugs, syrup buckets, water jars, anything you can spare!"

C) I can imagine the raised eyebrows of Mrs. Jacobson. * Surely she is glad to let her widowed

neighbor borrow some vessels, but what in the world is she gonna do with so many?

* Fill them with oil? * But where will the oil come from? Out of that one little pot of oil she has?

* Then the explanation! * The prophet of God said she should get plenty of vessels and that God

would fill them all! * And she could sell enough to pay all of her debts!

D) Some of the neighbors probably laughed at her! * Another would smile and say,

* "She’s off her rocker, she’s lost it." * Some probably insisted that she must not depend on

such foolishness, that prophet aint right, she ought not listen to him like that .......!

E) And I can imagine that as the widow and her sons brought all the vessels home to the bare house,

fear gripped the widow’s heart and she thought she would surely die of shame,

* If she had to carry all those vessels back & tell all the curious, gossipy neighbors that after all,

God did not furnish oil to fill them all.

F) She had faith in God and in the prophet of God! * God wants empty vessels, He can fill ’em!

* Some people are not filled with the Holy Spirit! * Perhaps the reason is that they have not been

emptied of other things!

* The cares of this world & the deceitfulness of riches so choke the Word that it becomes unfruitful!

* And too much to eat at the tables of this world means that one does not feed upon the manna

from heaven! * May we, like this poor widow woman in the days of Elisha,

* Get empty vessels & set them down where God can fill them with oil!

(4) THE MIRACLE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! * Elisha said to the widow in v.4 .......

* This miracle and work of faith was not to be seen by outsiders!

* It may be that some of the neighbors from whom the vessels were borrowed, never quite

believed that God had multiplied the oil so that it filled all the vessels!

A) Were there any witnesses besides the family?

* Plenty of people in the community, no doubt, thought that the age of miracles was past since

they themselves never saw one! * Are there miracles in the world today?

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Robert Wright

commented on Feb 18, 2007

good message thanks

Michael West

commented on Apr 10, 2008

Very helpful. I have the privelge to speak in my friends church (Baptist), of which I am non-denominational...anyway, as the pastor of a 2pt charge, one church is rebellious and the other is struggling. I appreciate this sermon and the helpful insight and remeberance I have recieved from it as it has inspired my sermon to a people in need of some miracle encouragement. Thank you and be richly blessed.

Phillip Connell

commented on Jan 28, 2009

In this time of economic uncertainty, we all need some encouragment. We are God''s vessel, but perhaps many of us have forgotten how to feed properly. We must strain out the world and listen to the voice of God who gives hope in all circumstances. Jeremiah 29:11

Angel Caballero

commented on Jun 7, 2009

Your message is encouraging and powerful,specially in this time of crisis, keep it up brother we need someone like you in the body of Christ.

Kim Seeber

commented on Sep 17, 2011

What a Word from God. Thank you for you''re faithfulness.

Khotsofalang Makheka

commented on Mar 1, 2017

Wooow..... Am very happy for this message..... Thanks.... Thanks...... Thanks million times!!!!!

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