Summary: Forgive because you have been forgiven and maybe of worse things than the other person did to you!

Accuser of the Brethren

To live above with Saints we love, o that will be glory,

But to live below with Saints we know, now that's another story!

Have you ever failed and asked forgiveness, but did not get it?

Proposition: You must forgive the sins of the Brethren.

I. Because of your past!

A. What were you? I Cor 6:9-11 - Read this

B. No good person is born again! - Rom 3:23

II. Because of Salvation!

A. A new creation. - II Cor 5:17

B. No condemnation. - Romans 8:1

III. Because of Satan!

A. His personality - Rev 12:10, Job, Obadiah 10,11

B. His tactics - II Cor 2:5-11 - Read this

IV. Because of Christ's Command!

A. He forgave you. - Eph 4:32

B. Unlimited Grace - Matt 18:21-35, 7X70, Parable of Debt

V. Because of God's viewpoint!

A. Thoughts condemn - Matt 15:19,20 (heart bad)

B. Attitudes and actions - Matt 5:21-28

Anger=murder, Adultery, Unsolved grievances

VI. Because of their fruit!

A. Usually more zealous - Luke 7:40-50 Love ++

B. Usually more tender/humble - I Cor 15:9

Paul - Least of the apostles?!?!

VII. Because of Christ's cleansing!

A. Complete - I John 1:9

B. Best possible - I Peter 1:18-19

Isa 1:18 - white though scarlet

Acts 10:15 - Peter's vision of unclean

VIII. Because of Christ's example!

A. He loved the worst. - Rom 5:8

"I lay down my life, no one takes it."

B. He forgave the worst. - Luke 23:34

"They knew not" I Tim 1:13-1 Paul is Chief, but he was ignorant

Scripture Reading: II Samuel 12:13; Unpardonable sins pardoned

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