Summary: We are called to live in a in harmony with the body of Christ. How do we do that? Read it to find out

Ephesians 4:1-16

Act out our Activity and our Actions


A. Today we get to find out what actually makes this church function.

B. We will be installing our officers

C. I hope you were able to be here for Sunday school when Tom went through the book of Ephesians. He did a super job. By the way you really should try and make it to Sunday school. It is well worth it

D. Today we are going to look at Eph. 4

E. Eph is very practical stuff for our lives

F. I feel Ephesians 4 provides us with sound teaching on

I. The way we should Act

II. Our Activity

III. Our Actions

I. Act (1-6)

A. Explanation

1. Urge you...Stop and think about that statement. To live a life worthy of the calling.

a. what Paul is telling us how to act

b. It instantly gives us a bench mark to shoot for

2. We are to live in a humble and gentle manner.

3. We are to be patient, bearing with one another in love(That means putting up with each other)

4. The spirit of Unity. Yes we are supposed to have that Spirit.

5. We will have different opinions but we must come together one certain things:

a. One Body

b. One Spirit

c. One Hope

d. One Lord

e. One Faith

f. One Baptism

g. One God

B. Application

1. We have received a calling from God.

2. This is nothing to brag or boast about it is something that we need to humbly accept.

3. There will be times when people will annoy you. There will be times when you wish a person would just just just. However we are commanded to be patient with them and bear with one another in love.

4. You know what has killed tons of thousands of Churches? Lack of Unity

5. The lack of unity can occur over the stupidest things. For example I have heard of a church that had two members in it that did not talk for 30 years because the one wanted blue pews instead of red.

6. How should we then act? Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

C. Illustration

II. Activity (7-12)

A. Explanation

1. God did not call us to do everything—Thank goodness

2. Paul gives us a list here that is a good starting point but certainly not exclusive

3. What is the purpose of all those positions?

a. To prepare God’s people for works of service

b. And to build up the body

B. Application

1. First of all take a deep breath and realize that you do not have to do it all

2. So why do we have all these elections and nominations for these positions?

a. So that we might prepare God’s people for works of service. This is true for every position that we have. God does not view one position greater then the other. You ask me how can this be? It is simple. If I were for some reason not able to cook, I know the deaconess would find a couple of people to cook a meal. I have to eat in order to minister. There is not unimportant jobs some are just more out front

b. You know what attracts most people to this Church? It is that people feel like they are loved. They feel that they are built up in the body of Christ. When someone walks in they are shown love. That is the way it needs to be and always continue to be. Our job is to build one another up not tear each other down.

III. Action (13-16)

A. Explanation

1. So how long is this going to take? Well (read 13)

2. Our actions need to get away from baby actions

3. We need to be properly grounded and not easily swayed

4. We are to grow in all areas of our life in Him the Head.

5. This will create proper growth in the body of Christ. If this does not happen then the body will be deformed

B. Application

1. I feel we have mature believers in this Church

2. Our Church survived 16 months without a full time pastor. Our Church did more then survive though. Our Church prospered. Our Church united. Our Church stood strong in midst of a storm

3. You know why that is? The action of our leaders. Our leaders were strong. Their actions were Biblically sound.

4. That is what any Church needs.

5. We need to keep that going

C. Illustration

Allow me to pick up on something that I noticed in this passage. Joined and held together by every supporting ligament. I am not a doctor, or even close. I can not describe everything that a ligament does. I know that it connects all the different body parts. I also know that when you tear a ligament you are in a lot of pain. This pain affects the whole body. This also happens when someone does not put in action what God has called him or her to do. If the trustees quit doing their job it would effect the entire church. If the deaconess decided not to do their job it would effect the entire church. Put in action what God has called you to do.

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